Is there a word for this physical sensation?
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In the intro to My Grandmother's Hands by Resmaa Menakem, he writes "there will be times when your body will experience a sudden shock of recognition or understanding. Things you hadn’t fully grasped before may suddenly become clear. This might be followed by a rush of energy in the form of joy, or anger, or outrage, or a felt sense of clarity and rightness." Is there a word or phrase that describes that sensation?

I've read about trauma and its affect on the body (for example, Bessel van der Kolk's The Body Keeps the Score). I've also experienced this kind of recognition as profound relaxation as I've been acknowledging some deeply buried truths to myself. "Shock of recognition" pulls up a lot of unrelated phenomena in a Google search. I'd like to explore this more as it is a positive and liberating experience that is opening new worlds for me.
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a jolt of realisation / understanding?
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I’ve heard Buddhist teachers talk about “the world being suddenly flipped the right way up,” which matches the times I’ve had this feeling, at least in emotional/understanding situations. In intellectual ones, “the pieces falling into place” or “a key turning in a lock” seem more apt — that sensation of a “click” is important somehow.
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In 10:04, Ben Lerner writes about people feeling "the world suddenly rearrange itself around them."
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Eureka moment or Aha! moment
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If you're speaking of understanding of a particular, single thing, perhaps even something you weren't aware of not understanding: epiphany.

If you're speaking about a spiritual awakening or clarity then satori.

If you're speaking about solving a problem which has long eluded you, "eureka moment".
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If you mean to describe specifically the physical sensation, maybe frisson. I think epiphany and the other suggestions so far tend to describe the whole experience, including both physical and cognitive aspects, rather than just the physical sensation.
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A visceral response.
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I would use “resonance”, or a “felt sense” (from Gendlin). I’m a therapist and the idea of the felt sense is the bodily experience of an insight, an understanding of something on a deep level beyond the purely cognitive, and when talking to clients about that I also use words like “it seemed like something really resonated with you there.”
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the penny dropped
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resonance is the word i use
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This is part of the sensation cluster that can go with neural integration.
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