NYC solo dining with view of kitchen?
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I'll be in NYC for a conference and will be dining alone tonight. I'd like to have dinner in a spot where I can watch the action in the kitchen. What are my best bets for restaurants that have bar/counter seating with kitchen views?

I am open to all cuisines and price ranges. Manhattan strongly preferred. Places that need reservations days/weeks/months in advance are not doable, as this is for dinner tonight.
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Lincoln Ristorante
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Simple, but tasty fare at Junmen Ramen, and the bar is practically in the kitchen. It was interesting to watch. Pictures on google maps show the bar seating.
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Best answer: There are seats at the counter for one at Momofuku Ko tonight. I recommend you go there.
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Desnuda in the East Village. You will be sitting IN the kitchen, as the restaurant is a bar. The two guys behind the counter will make everything with an induction hotplate, a microwave, and some very sharp knives. The truffle popcorn they start you with is great. Lots of super fresh seafood choices, but plenty else to eat as well. (They do a lot of prep before the evening starts, and it's all very fresh.) I'm pretty sure Dominic is there on Tuesdays. He's not a man of many words and the place is usually very busy. Place seats maybe 20 people.
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Jeju Noodle Bar - It's popular but I've had no issue walking in on a weeknight.
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Seconding Praem on Momofuko Ko. I loved the experience
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There are some early reservations available for 1 at the Kitchen Counter at Intersect

It's really good and you are right up in the kitchen - great experience! Don't be concerned about the Lexus branding
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If you can snatch up the Momofuku Ko reservation, do it. Top 5 meals of my life and the kitchen is right in front of you.
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Response by poster: I snagged a reservation, so Momofuku Ko it is! It was actually my first thought, but I had assumed that same-day reservations would be impossible; thank you, praemunire, for looking!!!

All the other suggestions also sound wonderful. If I'm not roped into dinners with others for the rest of the conference, I hope to try some of those too!
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