Looking for info about this world war two photo
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What can you tell me about this photo?

I bought this photo at an antique shop in Ithaca, NY. It's an original photo, possibly a press photo. It depicts the fourth horseman (death) beating the Nazi drums of war. Judging by the bunting in the background it was taken in the USA. That's all I know about it. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Further digging indicates it was June 13, 1942 - here's the NYT archive page describing the parade.
Apparently the parade was called "New York at War"
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Relevant link to Prelinger Archive footage (in color!) with the float in question starting at 3:18. One of the reviewers at that link describes some of the parade content.
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Here's a closer look at the float in action, 5:10 to 5:22 or so. YT: New York at War Parade (1942).
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