We're going to Barbados—give us all your tips!
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We're super-excited about a trip we'll be taking to Barbados this summer and are looking for any and all of your favorite tips and suggestions. A few details inside.

We're an M-F couple in our early 40s, no kids, traveling to Barbados the first week in July. We in particular love rum (which is a big part of why we chose Barbados) and cocktails, but we're interested in any ideas you'd like to share, particularly for restaurants, beaches, and activities. We already have lodging taken care of (we'll be staying in an Airbnb on the south coast). Thanks for any advice!
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It's pricey, but we really enjoyed Action Charters, which is a small charter company that has a catamaran (much more stable than other small boats if you get at all seasick). They will take you to snorkeling places that bigger boats won't, and the food (served with Bajan hot sauce) is wonderful, as is the rum punch. Try to pick a day that has fewer cruise ship passengers in town.
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We liked seeing the monkey feeding at Barbados Wildlife Reserve and this cave tour.
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Came to recommend the cave and the Wildlife Reserve, too. Also did an incredible excursion where we swam "with" (near) sea turtles and took lots of awesome underwater pictures.

Make sure you eat a flying fish sandwich.
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Rum you said? You must visit St. Nicholas Abbey.
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My favorite is Crane Beach.
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Oistin's Friday Night Fish Fry: actually the fish is grilled and the event is a lot of fun.

Darn: I was going to recommend the Concorde experience, but it seems closed.

Seconding the Harrison's Cave.
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Get a cutter at Cuz's Fish Stand! It's a soft bread roll with fried flying fish. Also check out Oistin's for the food.

I forgot who I went out with exactly, but we just hired a guy on his boat to take us out to snorkel with sea turtles. He brought us to some of the typical ruins nearby and served us great rum punches. Definitely would recommend one of these tours.
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The best time to hit the Wildlife Reserve is during feeding time at 2pm. The caretakers put out food and then the tortoises, deer and wild green monkeys circle up and chow down.

St. Michael's Cathedral and grounds in Bridgetown is worth a visit if you're into historical buildings and quiet contemplation.

Bathsheba Beach is stunning. It's a rocky area lined with palm trees and huge rock formations that look like they're trying to keep their balance in the crashing waves.
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