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I have a trip to the Netherlands and Belgium coming up in September, and I just discovered that both countries have European qualifier matches while I’m there. I haven’t been able to find out where the games are going to be played, but I’m hoping to find a fun way to watch them with some natives while I’m there — or, even better, attend a game.

Can anyone recommend fun watching experiences or ways to get tickets for the games on Sept. 6 or Sept. 9? I know next to nothing about European soccer, but I’ve always wanted to take in the atmosphere. Dutch experiences would be preferred, because I’m planning to be in the Netherlands on the days the games are played, but I’d be willing to travel a few hours on a train, if needed, for a unique experience elsewhere. Thanks for any help you can provide!
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Both matches for both teams are away from home (home team is always named first), so if you're in Belgium and/or Netherlands then you'll prob be watching in a bar. Not necessarily a bad thing.

Germany v Netherlands on the Friday night is the big event here - huge, historic rivalry. Find a sports bar in any big Dutch city, dress head to toe in orange, go crazy.
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It is very strange that both countries have both matches as away in September 2019. If you look, every other international break has Belgium or the Netherlands playing a home AND away match.
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The GER-NED match seems to be played in Hamburg, which, if you really want to see it live, is reasonably close to the Low Countries.

The SCO-BEL game appears to take place in Glasgow.
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It's very unlucky indeed that both teams are playing away from home on both of these dates - otherwise I could only recommend to attend one of the games live, as it is an experience like no other. Germany-Netherlands is an absolute classic indeed.

As a Belgian, I'll be watching the 'Red Devils' though. The games Belgium are playing should be two easy wins; especially the game against San Marino. It is a tiny country with some semi-professional football players (think: police agents and butchers who also play for their country), who have only won one game in their entire history: 1-0 against Liechtenstein, another microstate. Belgium, on the other hand, are currently ranked no. 1 in the world and have a squad full of stars.

I was at the stadium in Brussels some 20 years ago when Belgium beat San Marino 10-1, which is an incredible scoreline in soccer, with teams scoring 10 times or more being extremely rare. It is one of the most unevenly matched games possible in world football.
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They'll be football matches pretty much every weekend from mid-August until mid-May in all of Europe (apart from international breaks like this one - when top level leagues stop for internationals, although lower leagues will still play).

You should definitely try to see Germany v Netherlands, either live or in a bar, but you should also seek out some league matches (club teams) on the weekends before and/or after.

Fixtures won't be decided yet, as this year's seasons aren't finished yet, so we don't know who is in the leagues next year! Normally happens around July.
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Feel free to DM anytime if you have European football questions.
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