Small lifelogging camera with good battery life.
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I'm going to be getting one of those tiny cameras - the textbook example would be a go pro hero session - the use case is to hang around my neck on a lanyard and film continuously while I'm in public. (I have to, I'm being targeted by stalkers.) I want reliable and long batt life. Local storage fine. What make and model should I buy?
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PatrolEyes is a prominent maker of police oriented bodycams. Standard model is 32GB and 14hrs. Here's another company's selection of knockoffs.

Tiny and reliable/useful may be at cross purposes here. Especially if "tiny" means not visually noticable.
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Some more googling turned up Ubiquiti's Front Row pendant cam. Available in black and in white with rose gold accents. I trust their routers and switches but have never used a device like this from them.

It does seem more discrete, has at least some potential for style, and offers some additional social media functionality to the user.
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