I want to play Piano Blues like this! what is this??
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From Deutschland 86 Episode 10, piano playing in a bar: This piece. I love this type of music so much and would like to find either this music or something similar, in transcription ("sheet music"). I can't find what the piece is by doing searches for the music in the episode. Any help in finding it, or anything like it, much appreciated!
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It's not the exact piece at all, but off the top of my what this reminds me of most, that is easily/widely available as sheet music, is Gershwin's solo piano stuff.

Interestingly this "Piece in the Style of George Gershwin" strikes me as most similar to your sample.

Gershwin Songbook here.

Other solo Gershwin piano here.
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IMDB credits the music in the episode to Reinhold Heil. If all else fails, you could try emailing him.

To me it sounds like a skilled jazz pianist riffing on a theme, and you'll be unlikely to find it transcribed anywhere (though you might find similar stuff, e.g. in flug's Gershwin suggestions). I have the same challenge finding gospel piano transcriptions; the knowledge seems to be passed on in every way other than transcriptions. Nobody wants to teach you a single song; they want to teach you how to improvise on any song.

All that said, search for jazz piano transcriptions on Youtube, and you may find a few things you like.
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Agree with the others above, also for clarity this isn’t really blues imo. more of jazz with some light blues influence. But searching for blues music on piano is going to get you wildly different stuff, most of it far higher tempo and more rhythmic.
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I am pretty sure the descriptor for this is "jazz lounge music" or the more contemporary, unfortunate names of chillout jazz or chillout cafe music. There is a lot of sheet music out there if you search for "lounge jazz piano sheet music" or any of those name suggestion variations.
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I know about piano lounge cocktail etc., I agree with SaltySalticid that most piano jazz I search for is faster, etc. Also lounge can be much schmaltzier than what I posted. There is something about this slow bluesy subtype that I really love and that is hard to find specifically. The Gershwin recommendation is interesting - I'm going to pursue that.

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To expand on the Gershwin idea, I wonder if you might specifically like some of the slower interpretations of Gershwin's Summertime. Here are a couple with transcriptions that have some of the flavour of what you posted:

"Summertime" by Gershwin (arr. Mercuzio) FREE SHEET MUSIC P. Barton, piano

Summertime. Arranged for solo jazz piano, with music sheet
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Reminds of me of some of the other blusier jazz ballads like Angel Eyes or Goodbye Pork Pie Hat.
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Your example sounds, to me, more like Errol Garner than Gershwin.

The most principled provider of keyboard transcriptions (rather than crappy piano-guitar-vocal arrangements) that I know of is Hal Leonard. Most of these are pop/rock, but there is some jazz there, which may help.
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I see that Hal Leonard also publishes this "Jazz Piano Solos" series, which may be of interest to you (Amazon returns other stuff in that search, but it returns a lot of what I was searching for).
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Keith Jarrett is good on slow, bluesy, jazzy solo piano. You might like the texture. And there are transcriptions here!

Seconding Gershwin's arrangement of Gershwin as lovely to play.
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I just bought a Hal Leonard book, "Late Night Jazz: Jazz Piano Solo Series Vol,27" --

it has the song Angel Eyes on it --

here is somebody playing this version from this book on YouTube. It's exactly the kind of thing I've been looking for!

The book came today, can't wait to start playing (this is exactly my level of piano skills).
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Glad you found what you're looking for!

That reminded me of a couple of books I've got on my shelf that you might find interesting: Timeless Jazz Standards (there's a book 1 and a book 2, edited by David C. Olsen), and Black and Blue (also in 2 books).
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