Are online Scrum certifications at all worth their salt?
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I've been using Agile development practices as a developer- and now as a Producer- for 5+ years. But it's felt a little piecemeal. I'd like to up my game and get a resume gold star by doing an actual Scrum certification. However, life with a 6 month old is hectic, so I've been looking into doing the cert online. Are any online Scrum certs worth a dang?

I ask here because so, so many of the websites offering online certifications seem spam-y, scam-y and downright unseemly. And it's not cheap! For a hundred bucks I could see giving a shot, but the lowest I've seen is $500 and the Scrum org Virtual Online classes go up to $1500!

I was hoping someone here had some insight or had done online/non-live certification. My goal here is to codify all the bits and pieces of Agile I've read and come into contact with while weeding out all the cargo cult habits I've developed.
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I have done the live product owner training (now a certified product owner!) with Mike Cohn (Mountain Goat) and then also have watched a bunch of his video classes afterwords. I think I got a lot more out of the video classes after going to the live class. I had been doing agile development in a variety of roles for about seven years prior to that.
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I am apparently a "fully-accredited Certified ScrumMaster" - it's on my CV but I don't think it's ever helped. Large companies I've worked at go through "agile transformation" phases, send anyone who wants to go on a two day course and they get a certificate - its value is therefore correspondingly low, anywhere that hires someone based on it probably isn't a good place to work!
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Scrum Alliance has been the accepted, encouraged certification body @ my last couple of orgs - they offer virtual.
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Get your employer to pay for it.
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