Psychiatrist in the East Bay
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I'm looking for recommendations for a psychiatrist in Berkeley or Oakland. Any suggestions?

I've suffered from Bipolar II and generalized anxiety for a while, so I'm looking for someone with experience with those, but I also have ADD which I can't get help for through university channels. I've tried many, many medications (pretty much all of the standard ones for bipolar depression) and have landed the label of treatment-resistant. All of this has also been complicated by a fairly recent trauma and subsequent diagnosis of PTSD. So I'm looking for someone with experience with 'difficult cases', and also for someone who takes a more collaborative approach with their patients rather than expecting passivity in treatment. I'm hoping to find a long-term psychiatrist, but given the complexity of my case I'd also appreciate any recommendations for possible consults. Cost is not an issue, and I can travel into San Francisco if necessary to find a good fit. Thanks in advance!
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I sent you a MeMail.
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Kevin White, MD

He practices in Berkeley; has excellent bedside manner, and is a geek in the best way. This is a guy who actually cares, and doesn't just push meds.
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Here's his bio from the practice website (forgot to include)
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