Is this a scam or was someone a victim of identity theft?
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I just received a strange text and wanted to know if this is a known scam or was someone's identity stolen?

The text is from a phone number with an area code from the same metro area as my phone number (but not the same code) with the following content (which I've redacted in case the information belongs to a real person):

My Apple ID is [redacted] And the password is [redacted]

There is nothing else included. Is this something that is intended to scam me or did someone else have their information stolen and sent out? I've never seen anything like this before. I've certainly gotten phishing emails before but I'm not quite sure how this would work as a scam. Neither the Apple ID nor the password is anything close to mine.
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I bet someone got a new phone and tried to text their new info to themselves.
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It's hard to see how that could be anything other than someone else's error. If no link was provided, the worst thing that could happen was that you'd log onto Apple with their id and password. That could make THEIR life worse, but I don't see how it could hurt you. I suppose it could be some sort of hook, and that they're expecting you to respond and THEN they'll pounce (perhaps by trying to give you some sort of "reward"), so I wouldn't reply. Just forget about it.
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You might want to tell them "wrong number" and then block them.
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My guess is this is in response to a robotext or phishing attempt on another person, using your number. Robocallers spoof numbers from a person's area to make it seem like a local. In this case it was probably a phishing thing saying, we need to verify your data or your account will be shut down, that sort of thing.

I got a text from a random number like this recently as well, not with a password or anything, but telling me to stop spamming them. I asked if they'd received a text from this number and never heard back.

If it were me I would reply to say they sent this information to you in error and that they might want to check the legitimacy of whoever or whatever requested it. I don't think you run any risk by doing that.
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What BLF said. I would say "You appear to have sent this sensitive information to me in error. No one should be requesting that you text them this information. You are almost certainly being scammed by whoever asked for this information."

Someone so simple-minded as to not already be aware of this will probably go ahead and get ripped off anyway, but at least you'll have done your best.

I can't see any way that this text alone would cause you any harm.
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Thanks all! I decided to text them a brief warning about sharing information like that to anyone via text then blocked the number and deleted the text.
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