Twitter thread on harsh truths about publishing?
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At some point in the past year or two, I read a long series of funny tweets structured as a numerical list (50? 100?) of expose-style facts about creative writing and the publishing industry. The posting account was a male author who just had a book out (sci-fi or fantasy, I think). Can anyone help me find this thing again?

Other details, in case it helps: I vaguely remember one tweet claimed that even a madman can get a book or two published with enough perseverance (although that doesn't mean he can make money on it). The author may have had a Romance-languages-sounding last or first name (French? Italian?)

This is driving me crazy, and for some reason Google has been entirely unhelpful. Any leads would be much appreciated!
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I couldn’t find a thread of his that quite matches your description, but was it Chuck Wendig? He posts threads about writing pretty regularly, and they’re often very funny and satirical.
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Nick Mamatas?
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The Mamatas thread goes to 100 but breaks off at 40 and 84, probably by accident -- here's 41--80 and here's 85--100.
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