Time to kill in Miami, what to do for 5ish hours?
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So I'm in Miami for a friend's party but things don't really kick off until 4pm or so. I've already landed and have a rental car. Anything worth checking out on a first rainy trip to the area?

I'm in the Kendale Lakes area if that matters, which is also where we're staying. I was looking at the ICA or Perez, but that's looking like an hour each way so would want to make sure they're worth it. Given the weather something very outside is likely out. Even if it's just a cool spot for lunch I'd love some ideas on what to do! Generally interested in museums, art and history, cultural things I can't see at home, great coffee, craft beer
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I enjoyed the World Erotic Art Museum in south beach much more than I thought I would. If you don’t mind being outside a little bit you could go to Wynwood and see the art walls in between ducking into the cute boutiques and coffee shops.
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Best answer: Vizcaya Museum & Gardens is cool if you're into touring beautiful historic mansions. When I was there it was too hot to be in the gardens and I still felt like I got my money's worth out of the interior parts.
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Best answer: Drive through Coral Gables, really nice houses and architecture, and the Biltmore
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Best answer: Miami super sucks. You are however in a convenient location to go to Shark Valley, the most accessible entrance to the Everglades (IMO the only redeeming feature of South Florida). A tram tour is not normally my thing, but it's great to have a skilled and charismatic park ranger point out to you all the great gators, birds, etc. you might otherwise miss. I've also biked it and that was great. The rain might make this a bummer though.

I also like Mr. and Mrs. Bun for Peruvian sandwiches near you.
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Best answer: You might have found something to do already at this point, but Perez (PAMM) is really great. There's also an excellent spot for coffee and lunch nearby called All Day. If you go to Coral Gables, the bookstore Books & Books is good for browsing and lunch. Threefold Cafe nearby also has good coffee. If you're out in Kendall/Kendale Lakes, you could hit Islas Canarias for Cuban food and coffee. Their croquetas are supposed to be the best in Miami, and I think Bourdain stopped there on one of his Miami episodes. Florida International University also has the Frost Art Museum, which is way smaller than PAMM, but often has some good rotating exhibits. Not sure if you're vegetarian or not, or where home is, but some other food options in Kendall are Puerto Sagua for Argentinian or Aromas del Peru for Peruvian.

Hope some of this helps. Let us know how you spent your day!
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Best answer: Yeah, I usually refer people who have time for just one thing to Vizcaya, because it's something you cannot see anywhere else in the world.
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Best answer: I would disagree, and say that Miami does NOT super suck. However, rainy Miami isn't great. If you still have time to kill, try out Lincoln's Beard Brewry and then maybe hit the U Miami canals for some manatee action. Both reasonable distance for you, but use Waze to get back because the main roads (Red, Miller) get crazy about 4 pm.
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Best answer: Adding to what mrfuga0 said, just using Waze or Google Maps to avoid traffic during rush hours is a great way to see Miami...
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Response by poster: Thanks all! I went to PAMM and had a great time! The exhibits we're great. I got lunch around there but had a coffee at Islas Canarias which was great. Thanks all and while the weather had been wet, Miami's been fun so far!
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