What is the name of this blouse style/cut?
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I'd like to find a pattern to sew something similar but I don't know the right term to search. https://drive.google.com​/file/d/​12o8B0g_iEibRweUAbyZo8O4SVtlMexOg/​view?usp=drivesdk
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Would anything on this page be helpful?
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The top front part is called a yoke and it has raglan sleeves. The yoke is often used for maternity tops.
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I was not seeing a pattern immediately, but searching for "babydoll" or "baby doll" top/blouse/dress (you can always make it shorter) patterns may help.

Also, it's not quite either, but "empire waist" and "peplum" may also be useful search terms.
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I'd call it a "smock top" or "smock blouse". They were big in the 70s.
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Also try the term pinafore, that might help too.
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This one's close. You'd have to leave off the sleeve band (no biggie) and the waist curve is deeper....
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I'd also try tunic as a search term.
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I'd call it a swing tunic or an empire waist swing tunic.
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This Butterick has a different sleeve, but the same curved yoke.
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I think sarajane has a good suggestion - with a quick look through some of the woven tops in the Foldline database, here are some that might have what you want with a little tweaking:
- Blue Dot Patterns - Margo (adjusting the neckline)
- Kwik Sew - K4218 (closing the cold shoulder)
- Simplicity - 8052 (hard to tell if your one is more curved above the gathers?)
- DG Patterns - Tyra top (lengthening the body and sleeves?)

I would have started with tunic, yoke, etc but The Foldline is pretty amazing for browsing when it's hard to find the words.
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key search terms I'd look for - empire waist, babydoll, boho/bohemian/hippie, possibly maternity top (this may or may not be one, but a lot of maternity tops use that styling).
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Can you buy it and take it apart to make a pattern from?
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This reminds me of the Schoolhouse Tunic by Sew Liberated. Different neckline, but same silhouette.
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