jquery plugin for seamless image gris.
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Please recommend a jQuery (or vanilla JS) plugin that allows me to make 'masonry' rectangular photo grids (like this).

It should take 2 or more images and return a rectangular image grid without gaps/holes.
Images could occupy more than 1 column or row (as per the example).
The images can be resized but not change ratio.
The images should not be duplicated by the plugin.
The images could be cropped.
I specifically am not looking for a Pinterest-like effect, with equal width columns and a ragged bottom edge.
Ideally, it should also support a lightbox (enlarging the images) and caption texts.

I will be integrating it into a Django site, so no Wordpress/React/Angular/js-framework of the week plugins, please.
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Have you tried "Masonry" ? A commercial option is "Final Tiles Gallery". Not sure about licensing for "Unite Gallery" - specifically the tiles-justified demo - it also seems to do a lightbox. (But - it does seem to force them into same height rows...)

(But, personally - I have never used any other these, so YMMV)
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final tiles looks good, thanks.
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