Where can I find Sem Ke Beej?
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There is an Indian snack that is popular in North India, especially Lucknow or New Delhi, called Sem Ka Beej (also spelled Same Ka Beej, or Sem Ke Bej, etc). Does anyone know of a place in the U.S. where I can buy some? (pics included)

I've checked many of the Indian grocery stores in Chicago, and can't find it. For you desis out there, it's a salty namkeen (snack).

I'm looking for a place I can mail order some. Are there any places in Indian that would ship it?

here's some pictures:


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I've purchased that at a Cub Foods on the South Side (near Midway). It's in the "ethnic" aisle.
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Patel Bros. most likely has it. It might not be called by the same name but I've seen it in their stores.
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Devon street in Chicago doesn't have it? Thats odd. I've seen it in nearly every Indian grocery store I've ever been in, from New York to Chicago.
Your best bet might be to ask an Indian grocery store owner where you might order it online. They would know.
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Response by poster: There are 100s of different Indian namkeens (snacks)...many look a like. Patel Bros. doesn't have it....I've NEVER seen it sold in the U.S. Can anyone give me a store name that they have purchased it?

This place in India has it..they don't ship of course...


any desis out there know a place?
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I guess Rajbhog in Jackson Heights, NYC might have it. But I don't think they have a website. Maybe they can ship it to you?
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Is it a Gujarati food?

Otherwise I'd say to ask your local Indian grocer for advice on where you can get it. Or have a friend coming from India bring you some back?
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