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Will be in Seattle for work next week and due to a change of schedule, I now have all day Saturday the 13th free. What are the don't miss if you are here for one-day things to do in Seattle? Mariners are home that night and I am planning to go to the game prior to my red-eye flight home.
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Walking around. You can light rail to Capitol Hill and go to Cal Anderson park to chill. Eat food. Downtown too - I especially like the library. Art stuff - there's an artist run space I used to be part of called SOIL that is in pioneer square and has Saturday hours. That area is close (like, same building) to other art spaces/small press/art studios. Even Pike Place Market can be fun people watching if you like gawking at big crowds of tourists. Left Bank Books is there and very cool for books and zines.

Editing to add - get a bahn mi for the game!!!
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take the monorail to the museum of Pop Culture. Its a great place to just wander around. Have lunch at Din Tai Fung. If you are at all into clothing from Filson, their beautiful flagship store is close to the stadium.
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You're in luck! You'll be in town for the annual seattle restaurant week, with the prix fixe, 3 course dinner menus (lunch are 2 course menus). Here's a list of participating restaurants.

If you like doing touristy stuff, I'd highly suggest getting the Seattle CityPass. most bang for your buck. I'd do MoPop, Space Needle, Chihuly Gardens, Seattle Aquarium. I'd also tour the Olympic Sculpture Park, it's fun and relaxing with good views. If you want to, you can check out the Ferris Wheel, but in my opinion, it's overpriced with views you can see elsewhere. I'd skip the Argosy cruise as well, and take the ferry from Seattle to Bremerton. You should also check out the Ballard Locks, it's pretty unique. Hike up to Volunteer Park, and you can also wander over to Lakeview Cemetary and be respectful and check out Bruce Lee, Brandon Lee's gravesites, and even try to find Kurt Cobain's. If you like airplanes or aerospace I'd highly suggest going down to the Museum of Flight, or taking a tour of The Boeing Plant at the Future of Flight (you can see where Dreamliners are made!).

I'm not sure what your other interests are, but those are some highlights I usually take people to!

edit: if you do take food into the stadium, you can only take things in clear bags. Also, if you get a banh mi, go to the Seattle Deli, and get the "Bánh Mì Đặc Biệt"
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If history is your thing, my default recommendation is the Seattle Underground Tour, a history tour that takes you through one of the oldest areas of the city, Pioneer Square, which is preserved beneath the current streets. Why it's a full story below the streets is part of the tour. It's a walking tour, on streets and subterranean sidewalks, over a few blocks of area, so be ready for stairs and some hoofing. The book on which the tour is based, Bill Speidel's "The Sons of the Profits," is a good purchase in the gift ship. (Be sure to ask them why their prices are so low.)

You know that picture of Seattle that you've seen, the one with the space needle, downtown, and the mountain in the background? Kerry Park; that's where you can go for that view. It's differently spectacular without the telephoto lens.
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Before the Mariners game you could check out the International District. Go buy some fun stuff at Uwajimaya play some vintage pinball at The Pinball Museum check out the new exhibit on Asian and Pacific Islanders in Sci-Fi at the Wing Luke Museum, get some tasty curry at Thai Curry Simple, or some amazing Vietnamese food at Tamarind Tree,
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If you go to Uwajimaya in the International District you're a block away from Fuji Bakery on S. King Street.
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Museum of Flight is cool, Volunteer Park is cool, just walking along the water to the Olympic Sculpture garden and up past there to little park along the water is nice too. Capitol Hill is fun as hell, that's where I live and I love it. There's so much to do along that stretch of pike and pine and up on Broadway.

Yeah, so thinking about it, a walk up from downtown over pike street, wandering around pike and pine for a little while, then wandering up broadway up to Volunteer park, then back down and through the neighborhood and down into eastlake along the water back into downtown would be a fun walk on a sunny day, but it might be pretty miserable in the rain.
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If you have a car available, drive over to the Fremont and Ballard neighborhoods and just walk around in the record shops, little stores, and go to Archie McPhee and the Ballard Locks, the Theo Chocolate manufactury, Cupcake Royale, Caffe Vita...lots of fun, unique, tasty places to wander.

If you need to stay closer to downtown/don't have a car:
Uwajimaya is a definite pre-Mariners game stop. Every Japanese snack known to man lives there.

Pioneer Square has changed a lot over the past couple of years and now has some fun little stores. It is also home to one of my favorite tucked-away places in the city, the Waterfall Garden Park, which weirdly marks the location of the first ever UPS headquarters. Intrigue Chocolates is also nearby.
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(Re: Seattle Restaurant Week - I believe that is only good Sunday through Thursday, I’m afraid.)
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Nthing the Olympic Sculpture Park -- because it is near the pocket beach where, if you time it right with the tides, you can find some funny little creatures in the rocks :).

Pike Place Market is crowded and tiring, but if you're into soup there's a chowder place that I think is worth the trouble. The crumpet place there is also nice.
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@assenav I LOVE that little park. When visiting I would get a sandwich from Salumi (probably the porchetta which is just the best sandwich) and go and eat there.
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avoid 2nd and 3rd ave when possible. don't stop to talk to scammers. monorail espresso and bedlam have amazing coffee. remember that mariners games make getting around take longer. if you like geeky things, check out golden age collectibles in the market. the art museum is fantastic, but check hours beforehand. listen to 90.3 KEXP.
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The aquarium is small, but really good. Try and catch an octopus feeding if you can!
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