Black pens in The Hedgehog?
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In the French film The Hedgehog, what black pens does Paloma use to create her artwork?

Paloma uses nice black pens or markers with good solid dark ink. They sometimes appear to have something of a brush point.

Any idea what pens they are, or what pens might be similar?

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I haven't seen the film. Maybe take a dive into Jet Pens brush pens?
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Can you share a clip or a screenshot of a relevant scene?
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See the pen at 2:08 in this trailer, and some seconds previous to that you can see the drawings.
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That went by super fast, but I have Faber-Castell Artist PITT brush pigment/India ink pens and they're very much this sort of jam. A lot of brush pens like e.g. Copic sketch markers are alcohol-based, which soaks through normal paper, or there are water-based ones like Tombow ABT Brush which don't have the satisfying deep black that the pigment ones do. Pigment!
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The tan pen body looks like a Micron brush tip. Not my favorite brush pen by a long shot. Also keep in mind the pen in the shot may not be the same pen as was used to make the drawings.

Tombow is a good starter brush nib. Flexible but not too sensitive, so you can learn pressure control. The best brush pen I've found, once you are comfortable with them, is the Pentel pocket brush. Very very sensitive, so good for tiny line work as well as huge dramatic line weight shifts and has super dark ink.
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I second ananci in recommending Pentel pocket brush pens! They definitely take getting used to, but are a dream to draw with once you do. Kate Beaton of “Hark, a vagrant!” uses them if you want to check out her results.

Tombow calligraphy brush pens and Kuretake Fudegokochi are smaller, firmer brushes and Mad Rupert of “Sakana” uses the Kuretakes if you want to check out her work. Faber-Castell PITT and Micron brush pens are similar, but I enjoy the others more.
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Tough to see in that quick clip, but my money is on it being the aforementioned Pentel Pocket Brush Pen.
Here's comics artist Paolo Rivera using one to ink an ALIEN Xenomorph.

My backup guess is the Pilot Pocket Brush Pen. It's a flexible felt tip, whereas the Pentel is a synthetic bristle tip.
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I like the Kuretake #13 from jetpens or rakuten.
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Okay, I didn't think I'd be able to find a useful screen shot - but I did, and I think we have an answer:

Paloma using a black pen in The Hedgehog

That looks like a Faber-Castell Pitt Artist pen, the B brush tip style.

I kind of think I actually bought some Pitt Artist pens ages ago, and while I was poking around in my scattered art supplies looking for them, I found a set of Pigma Microns, one of which has a brush tip, and I played with that a little, and it seems pretty great.

I'm going to try to head down to the art supply store this week and I might try picking up one of each of these great recommendations - Pentel, Pilot, Tombow, and Kuretake, if they have them.

Thank you all so much for the great guesses! I'm all excited about pens again.
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The pilot is a good place to get started, but they're overpriced in the US and they wear quickly, at which point they're useful for sketchy drybrush stuff.
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