Yet another "help me find this garment" question
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I spied this screen capture and was immediately obsessed with owning the shirt or dress Kate Bolduan is wearing, or one very much like it. I love the lace raglan sleeves which dress up an otherwise casual looking top; a color instead of white, longer sleeves, or a different lace are all very much acceptable to me. A shirt would be preferable, but I'm even willing to do a dress. That's how obsessed I am. Help?
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Here's one version of a somewhat more casual top like it.

Not raglan, but a lace shouldered top.

All over lace, but white and high-necked like your example.

Drop-sleeve sweater, rather than raglan, but casual and white with lace sleeves.
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A dress in black from Asos

A navy and white shirt from Shein (never heard of that site, but they have lots of styles and options if you search 'lace raglan')

A two-colour option from Allegra K

This one
from Pinks Clothing has long sleeves. There's also this super-adorable collared top, these last two only seem to be available in plus size.
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This is super cute dress from Eshakti.
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Lularoe makes a baseball style top called Randy. They came out with a version with lace sleeves.
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This is eyelet rather than lace from GAP.

Different color with 3/4 sleeves at Macy's.

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