Donating to groups that counter right-wing propaganda in Canada.
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I’m pissed off at the current wave of stupidity but busy with work/family and only passively engaged in politics right now. I think that many of my friends are in the same boat. I'd like to suggest that we donate to Canadian organizations that might be able to counter the sorts of YouTube and FB disinformation campaigns that led to Doug Ford's PC majority win in Ontario.

With a federal election on the horizon, a number of shady right wing groups will be ramping up their activity. I’m already donating monthly to a political party but I'd like to give more money to people who, from varying directions, are working to root out cronyism and undermine the fascist messaging behind A lot of the supposedly centrists political discourse. I’d like it to be a list of about 10 to 20 organizations that I can share with my friends.

Ideally, these suggested groups won’t bombard me with further appeals for cash or share my email.
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Response by poster: Patreon supported blogs are ok too but I want someone with demonstrable reach and not just preaching to the choir.
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Press Progress does investigative reporting, they accept donations. A subscription to the Toronto Star would also help fund in-depth reporting.
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The Canadian Anti-hate Network is a recently founded non-profit dedicated to documenting and researching hate groups and hate movements in Canada. They have been doing some excellent work on exposing the extent of hate groups, tracing networks, etc.
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My friend who knows about such things says:

You should tell him to donate to This is a new monitoring organisation, modelled on the Southern Poverty Law Centre in the US (but nowhere near as big or well-established). It is the only national organisation fighting the far-right in Canada.

You should also say that if they happen to know somebody rich who wants to fight the far-right, you know of a very good group of people trying to get an initiative off the ground. However, no new organisation can be set up without a significant sponsor: either a person or an institution. Thus far, most of the people/groups you'd expect to be interested in addressing this kind of issue are either a) totally in denial, b) totally distracted, or c) perversely happy that far-rightists are galvanising the moderate-right base and supporting certain centre-right politicians.
posted by If only I had a penguin... at 12:36 PM on March 28, 2019 [2 favorites] is the website for the Canadian Anti-Hate Network - they are the same people, and yes, they are currently the only organization in Canada with an explicit mission to monitor right-wing extremism - and the actions by less extreme but problematic politicians who embolden the far right.

There are no organizations with a mandate to carry out de-radicalization efforts (which is the best way to counter violent extremism). There should be, and maybe there will be, but not without serious buy-in from the people who have money (aka government, big institutions, private donors). Unfortunately, one of our candidates to lead the next government would rather flirt with Nazis than counter them ... /angry face emoji
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