Scratch that DIY for apartment-dwellers itch
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I absolutely adored ReadyMade Magazine back in the day. I anticipate having a little more time than usual this spring to invest in some (small-scale not a ton of power tools or space and as a renter nothing permanent to my dwelling) DIY projects. What should I read for ideas?

ReadyMade (the book and the magazine) were pretty much exactly what I'm looking for. They had a nice variety of different types of projects that could be carried out by someone with varying skill sets or access to tools/space/time.

I used to read Apartment Therapy and Design*Sponge, but both sites have felt a little less relevant to me over the past few years.

I've replaced them with HomeMade Modern (which is fantastic!) and Manhattan Nest.

*Looking for specific suggestions rather than "look up Reddit or Pinterest" so if you have a specific redditer or pinterest-er or project you recommend please feel free!
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There's always IKEA hacking. This is just one blog, but pretty much everyone has posts about it.
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I like the Craftster forums - they have great tutorials and ideas on all kinds of topics. Here's the master list for DIY projects around the house.
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Instructables is less curated but for me it's the thing that best scratches the ReadyMade itch.
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I asked kind of a similar question a while back seeking blogs; you might find useful links in that thread. A Beautiful Mess also does a lot of renter-friendly DIYs as seen in this search.
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Curbly has neat projects for both indoor and outdoor home design and decorating!
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Back in college, before Pinterest was a thing, I used to visit Cut Out + Keep a lot when I was scoping out new ideas for small craft or DIY projects. I haven't checked it out in awhile, but it looks like it's still going strong.
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