Seeking Comic About Daylight Savings Time and "Masked Confuser"
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In probably the 1990s-2000s, I remember encountering a comic in the newspaper (either editorial or 'normal') in which a character purposefully confused another around the "spring forward, fall back" maxim for Daylight Savings. The punchline was something like, "Who was that man?" "The Masked Confuser." (Or something similar to that - the word 'Masked' was in there.) Specifics after the fold.

It was something along the lines of the Masked Confuser saying it with the maxim both normal and reversed with parenthetical examples after it -- like, "Is it spring forward (like you're leaping towards something) and fall back (like you've backed away from a snake)? Or maybe it's spring back (like you're doing calisthenics) and fall forward (like you've tripped over something)?"

Another character comes in and says something like, "Git! Go on now!" And the character runs off.

"Who was that?"

"The Masked Confuser."

I know it's not a lot to go on, but AskMefi's net is wide ... perhaps someone clipped it once upon a time, or knows of what I speak.
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I don't remember that strip specifically, but the tone of it sounds kind of like Tom Tomorrow's This Modern World (which was, I think, less solely political and more often just weird back then.) Does the art look like the right style?
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I remember This Modern World ... and his art style is so distinctive that I'm pretty sure that this was not that. (But thank you.)
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