Where to buy curtains?
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I am looking for curtains that are 96” long or a bit shorter. I’ve looked at the major places. What design stores am I missing?

I am looking for something visually interesting but not too bold, opaque but not too heavy/dark, and blackout isn’t necessary. I’m in love with these drapes from West Elm, but they are at the top of my price range and seem too sheer to risk it. I’ve scoured Crate and Barrel, CB2, West Elm, Target, Pottery Barn, and Anthropologie. Where am I missing? What mid-range venues exist for buying curtains that I haven’t thought of? I feel like I will know the right drape when I see it, so I’m less looking for specific curtains (although that would be lovely) and am more looking for stores.

Ikeas curtains come in a 98” length and that is too long. I need four panels, and wasn’t able to find anything I loved in the above brands on eBay available either. Country Curtains did not have anything remotely for me.
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Etsy shops would also be delightful, but I am finding a lot of low quality looking burlap and linen there, and I’m looking for something a little more tailored than what I see available.
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Maybe World Market?

Or! Pier 1 looks like they have the ability to narrow by length: here's what they have for 96".
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I just hemmed my drapes to my desired length.
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Seconding World Market and Pier 1, for sure. Adding Home Goods. Also:
As far as the length, make sure you are hanging them the “professional” way—most people make the mistake of putting drapes on a rod the same width as the window, and then position that rod right at the top of the window. Instead, you should be using a rod long enough so that the drapes hang *outside* the edges of the window (which blocks out less light and gives the illusion of a bigger window) and hanging the rod about halfway between the top of the window and the ceiling (which makes your ceiling seem higher and the room larger). On phone and can’t link but you can easily find a visual guide to this via Google.

(And apologies if I’m telling you something you already know—just wanted to mention the rod height thing in particular because if you hang the drapes higher, those longer ikea ones may work for you after all!)
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Thanks, yes, I am hanging the curtains in the proper location. The Ikea curtains are not a standard length; 96" is standard, not 98". I'd like to avoid hemming, if at all possible.

The "professional" way I saw to hang curtains was even higher, about 1-2 inches below the ceiling, and it really does look lovely, but the pool on the Ikea curtains (which I have up temporarily) is excessive and sloppy.
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I had this same problem with ikea curtains and I know you said you don't want to hem but what about using no-sew iron on fabric hemming tape like this? It was easy to do in less than 30 mins and I love how many colors the ikea curtains come in.
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Wayfair, Hayneedle, Overstock, Houzz, unless you’re only wanting to shop in physical stores.
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Amazon has a surprisingly good selection of curtains.
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My favorite pair of curtains ever came from Bed, Bath & Beyond, when they had a Nate Berkus collection. I don't know if that's still a collection there, but they often have cool-looking things I don't see elsewhere.
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Surprisingly, I have good luck with curtains at JC Penney. Go figure.
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A tailor shop could hem any curtains you like for very little money! It's worth considering.
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I got my non-floor-length living room curtains from Bed Bath & Beyond. (I think I had to order the size I needed, but only because they'd sold out at that store - there's usually a pretty good selection of sizes in stock)

My office (doorwall) and bedroom non-floor length curtains came from Kohls - they have a limited selection in store, but on-line is quite good. Macy's has a decent on-line shop, and I've seen some in the store (the home dec department is upstairs where I don't usually go).

JCPenney has a quite good home dec department, and much of it is in their physical stores.

(IKEA curtains are sold excessively long so that they can be hemmed by the purchaser. They used to come with iron-on hem tape.)
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My Ikea curtains came with iron-on tape for hemming with an iron. I got linen curtains very affordably. Hemming curtains is the easiest possible sewing job, so if you know anyone with a sewing machine, you could pay them. Or buy sheets you like, and use clip-on curtain rings, with the deep hem of the sheet at the floor, and clipping the ring at the top to adjust the length.

Otherwise, Bed, Bath, Beyond, Wayfair, cb2,
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Thanks, all. My local tailor wants $25 per panel to hem. Curtains are already so expensive that I'm not interested in hemming.

The problem isn't really the length. 96 inches is a standard curtain length and that's what I want. I'm just wondering what venues people go to to purchase curtains. No other offbeat, surprising places to try? I've looked at all the places suggested and the only curtains I've liked with any visual interest that aren't patterned are the ones from West Elm that I linked in the original question. I guess I really am picky.
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My local tailor wants $25 per panel.

Woah - that's nuts. I would expect like $5-10 a pop! Have you checked around to other places? Dry cleaners, etc?
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I guess my follow-up question is, does anyone have those curtains from West Elm? And if so, would they provide privacy on a very busy street at night when the inside of my home is lit up? I live on a major thoroughfare in New Jersey and just don't want every person driving by to see me in my home.

I have the IKEA curtains in my bedroom, and they are fine, but I do not want to shop at Ikea for this window.
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Rough Linen has a little curtain collection. Expensive, for sure, but I do own some Rough Linen items and they are absolutely beautifully made. Also, they will send you fabric sample card for free, so you can test the opacity of their various weights of linen before you have to commit to a purchase.
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At Home is a store I was totally unaware until I moved to North Carolina, but they have locations in New Jersey. They tend to have more of an offbeat selection that might be worth checking out.
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Amazon sells a brand called Half-Priced Drapes, and I have some. They are wonderful. They have 96" lengths and many materials and colors.
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In Canada I have bought curtains at Winners, Fabricland, and Giant Tiger. Home Sense is another discount store that sells linens and curtains.
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