Help me host a baby shower with lots and lots of dietary restrictions
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I offered to help host a baby shower for a friend. I need suggestions on what I can make, preferably ahead of time, that will fit these parameters: gluten-free, soy-free, onion-free, and low-carb. And preferably that don't involve an oven.

I'm not the only one hosting, but I am the only one who has celiac disease, so I'm leaving the the cake or cupcakes for someone else to make. I'm not worried about the sweet stuff.
Pregnant friend is allergic to soy, hates onions, and has gestational diabetes. And there's one guest that doesn't eat pork.
This is for a baby shower so no shellfish, deli meats, or other pregnancy no-nos.
And my oven is not particularly reliable, hence why I want non-oven ideas. Or foods that I can bake the day before then just microwave the day of.

Things on the menu so far:
Deviled Eggs (friend's request)
cheese plate with olives and nuts (and gluten-free, soy-free crackers)
thinly sliced apples and pears maybe (can I cut those the day before or will them go brown?)
spinach and artichoke dip and corn chips

What else can be made ahead of time, or at least partially ahead of time and doesn't require an oven?
The oven might be taken with:
bacon-wrapped asparagus*
stuffed mushrooms*
Brazilian cheese breads (not low carb, but I'm Brazilian AND I can buy them frozen at Costco)

*Can either of these be made the day before then just re-heated the day of?

Any other food ideas?

Anyone have a low-carb meatball recipe that I can put in a crock pot? Most recipes involve grape jelly or soy sauce or gluten or onion.

Feel free to give me any other baby shower tips and pointers. I've never hosted one of these before.

Thank you!
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Can you just do a salad bar or burrito bar? Everyone can build their own salad or burrito or wrap or whatever they want with the appropriate ingredients.
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Zucchini Butter. Leave out the shallots since your friend hates onions. Delicious on regular bread, gluten free bread or crackers, or on its own.
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Crock pot chicken meatballs, hold the onion?

Bonus, you can make ahead and then just reheat and serve.
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Meatballs without onion or breadcrumbs; not made in crockpot, but can be made as directed, frozen, and then heated in a slow cooker with sauce.

Slow cooker Italian meatballs - use a different meatball recipe to avoid breadcrumbs; this is a red sauce without the jelly/honey that so many of the slow cooker recipes use.

Veggie-snacks can include celery with cream cheese or peanut butter.

Spaghetti Squash is low-carb and can even be microwaved.
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I know you already have deviled eggs, but my first thought was mini-frittatas. Scrambled eggs and a little milk in muffin cups with cheese and veggies/meat. You can do different types with different fillers to meet dietary needs, too. They would require an oven, but they reheat like a dream.
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Your sub question- the pears and apples will be brown if you cut them the day before, even if you use one of the many ways to prevent that. I’d cut them at most an hour before and still use one of the anti-browning methods.
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No-bake chocolate cheesecake?

Hummus with GF breads/crackers?


Dates stuffed with goat cheese and nuts?

Fruit salad

Green salad
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Since you're already doing a cheese plate and veggies, why not add some meats to the cheese plate too? Skip the deli meat or salami in favor of thinly sliced chicken breast, steak, etc. People can make their own fancy crackers or mini sandwiches. And you can buy the meat precooked or cook on the stovetop.
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Crustless quiche. There are about a billion recipes out there. You could do them in mini-muffin pans to make them finger food. You can bake it the day before and bring it up to room temp the day of.

Add pickles to your cheese or olive plate!

Stuffed cherry peppers like this

If you're having gluten-free low carb crackers...I put a block of cream cheese on a plate and pour over either chili sauce or some kind of spicy jelly.
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Thanks for the suggestions, I really appreciate it! Even the recipes I didn't make for the baby shower, I am trying out for myself.
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