How are American movie run times calculated?
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What the title says. Does the official run time for American movies include the after credits? At what point do they officially begin and end? Or is there an official standard for American films?
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From the detailed IMDB guidelines: "For theatrical releases the timing begins from the first distributor logo and ends at the last frame of the end credits."
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Not sure if this also pertains to your question, but in the theater, the advertised run time is when ads and previews start, except in states that have a law mandating the advertised start time be for the start time of the feature. Psure Connecticut is one of those states but Nsure what others, if any.
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[Those who remember "Dark Side of the Rainbow" will recall that the clock starts on the third roar of the MGM lion - like this]
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Mr.Know-it-some has it right. It's what's called the "Total Run Time" or TRT, and is standardized across all audio-visual media (films, TV, etc) It's the literal total length of the entire program. The entire program includes all opening and ending credits. It's all of it.
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