How much is that doggie in the window
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Can you please help me find a specific stuffed doggie??

We saw this toy plush dog at the playground. Maybe 18 inches long, not floppy. Its owner was a Russian grandpa who could not tell us where they had gotten it from. Have seen the Melissa & Doug stuffed dogs but we like that this one is laying vs standing. A certain someone in my household would be very appreciative of any leads. Thank you.
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This brand has a similar look to them, though I don't see that exact breed. (My kid has a stuffed tiger from them in that same type of pose, which was my starting point.) Might be close enough!
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Couldn't find the exact one, but have you seen these plush beagles from Viahart and Jesonn? They have the same pose, of roughly similar size.
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Another in the column of couldn't quite find or identify, but I know Stuffed Safari prides itself on its more realistic plush animals. They produce a variety of dogs by breed and feature relaxed pose options in a lot of the dogs. I thought it was worth a look. There were one or two that I thought might be appealing.
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Oh, and in searching for life-like or realistic plush dogs I came across a company called cuddle clones that for $200 (!) will produce a more-or-less exact replica of a pet, and wondered if that might be of value considering your prior question.
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Maybe a lead? Lying down position.
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How long has grandpa had it in his possession? It could be an older or discontinued model...

Teddy Hermann is one possibility; Hansa is another.

And now I want all the stuffed doggies (and sloths, and turtles, and giraffes...)
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