Bestest cheapest way to get from Seatac to UW Medical Center
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Tomorrow morning I will arrive at Seatac at 6:10 and need to get myself to the University of Washington Medical Center for an 8:30 appointment. Uber is telling me this will cost $45. Is there a cheaper way that will definitely get me there in time?
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The lightrail will take you very near there for $3? Check it out on seattle metro
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Seconding light rail. It will take about an hour from the airport, but the last stop right now is practically inside UWMC. Exit the station and you're across the street from the main building.
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Response by poster: Is the main building Cascade Tower?
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Agree; light rail all the way. It takes a while but runs regularly and you’ll have plenty of spare time to wayfind when you arrive. I take it monthly from SEA for work to downtown; sometimes they do slow trains for rail traffic congestion, but it never takes much more than an hour. You can buy a single trip ticket at the airport station.
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Is the main building Cascade Tower?

The main building has three sections of which Cascade Tower is one. It’s, as described above, literally across the street from the light rail station, and the light rail isn’t subject to Seattle Traffic Hell.
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The walk from the terminals to the light rail station is unfortunately long, but there is an airport golf cart-style shuttle that will take you to and from if you want to wait for it.

Light rail was made for a trip like yours! It should also be slightly faster than before, since buses are no longer running in the tunnel.
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Nthing light rail. It isn't super fast from the airport but is fairly easy and cheap.
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Yes, Light Rail! It's basically door to door for what you need. It's a decently pleasant, pretty ride during the aboveground parts too.

Do be aware that it's a hike to the station within SeaTac. I vaguely remember seeing signs for something like a shuttle, but I've always done it on foot. I have a poor sense of time (uh, particularly after just getting off of an airplane), but it's at least 10 minutes' walk. You have to go up and through a vast parking garage.
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Is the main building Cascade Tower?

I was there in 2014 for surgery. Yes, the main entrance is on the little half circle off (or part of) Frontage Road.

I found a newer floor map than the one linked above (file says 2017 on first page, but index at end is dated June 2018 and the file is in a directory called “2018-12”). Note that the main entrance is on floor three.
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Response by poster: Okay thank you all!
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You might have to walk 2-3 long blocks from the Light Rail station to the medical center, depending on what building you are in. Just wanted to let you know that in case your medical situation impacts your mobility in any way.
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Response by poster: No, I can walk. Although I'm glad for all these warnings about the distances because I do have some foot trouble and I'll be sure to wear good shoes. Thank you, everyone, for all the detailed information!
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Light rail runs every 6 minutes during the times you'd be travelling, and it takes 44 minutes (per the schedule) to get from Airport Station to UW.

Have a safe trip!
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Response by poster: All went well! Actually the morning was a disaster and I ended up having to Uber due to time constraints, but I took the light rail back just now and it was cheap and easy. And I got good news at my consult! Thanks again!
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