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I am trying to put my phone down when I come home so i can be present with my family. We have a old land line phone that links to my cell via bluetooth so I still know of I get calls. It doesn't alert to texts though. Is there a device that will make a sound or blink a light when I receive a text.

I get very few texts and have most notifications turned off. I know I could set this up with ifttt and some hue bulbs or the like but I am curious about a standalone device.
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A lot of smart watches or fitness watches will vibrate when you get a text. I have a Garmin watch that does this.
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Yes, second a smart or fitness watch. I have a Fitbit Versa. It will not only buzz for a text but can show the content and send some very basic replies. Not sure of your budget, but they are just under 200 on Amazon currently, and sales can make it cheaper.
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Response by poster: I have a Fitbit charge 2, I like it but the vibrations aren't always felt. I was looking for a standalone device I could put in the kitchen or other room, a something that could turn on a light so I get that visual que.
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Depending on your phone, you may be able to set it to LED flash notifications. It's usually somewhere under notifications or accessibility. Of course you would need your phone in the room, if that goes against the putting the phone down issue.
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something that could turn on a light so I get that visual que

Pretty sure this could be done pretty quickly with a smart bulb and
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Apple watch, if you own an iPhone. You can also get a FitBit Versa. I love my Apple Watch, it helps keep my phone out of my hand during work.
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