Recommend word game apps without advertising
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Years ago I was a happy user of words with friends when they still offered a premium no-ads version. Then that didn't generate quite enough dollars for the people at zynga to afford those ivory back-scratchers for the executive bathroom and now it's a thirty second ad every damn move and I hate it. Same for the Scrabble app. Is there anything out there with (i) fewer ads or preferably (ii) a paid version that removes PLAY THIS GAME and MATCH WITH THESE SEXY PEOPLE and NOT ANOTHER GAME WITH BUBBLES PLEASE adverts? Android, btw.
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Best answer: Aworded Crack has an ad free version that I think ticks both those boxes.
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Best answer: These may be too plain but there's CrossWords (a Scrabble app) and Lexica (find words in a grid with time limit). I've used both and uninstalled both for being too addictive.

They're open-source and probably on the Google play store, but you can also install them from f-droid or just download the apk from the website linked above.
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Best answer: Wordfeud has a paid version without ads.
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Best answer: EScrabble Solitaire is my go-to. It's main fault is you can't save the game, so once you leave it, it will go back to 93 tiles, which is what a new game starts with. But I've been playing it for years now and it's my favorite. Two Words is a competitive game, very cheap, lots of players from the UK. A 2 player game, or you can go against a choice of bots. Also excellent. I usually have 5 or 6 going because of the time difference between Canada and UK.
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Best answer: I like Alphabear and Alphabear 2. They both have a few features that you can either ignore, watch ads, or pay once to use without ads.
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Best answer:

warning: serious competitive scrabble players (national and internationally ranked) play there. choose the correct dictionary and study!
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I play (on an android device) the [Words with Friends] app every day and never see a single add. It is the proper app, bought years ago from the Google store. Are you sure you are using the paid (premium) app? One seems to recall that after buying and installing the paid version, the free version was still present and had to be manually removed.
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I have the paid scrabble app and see no ads. I had to delete the old unpaid scrabble app from my phone though - it still had ads.
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Yeah, I think the ad-free Words With Friends 2 is what you want.
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