Songs that gradually turn into disco
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I'd like to make a playlist of songs that do not start out as disco, but gradually become more and more disco. So far I have Mitski - Nobody and half•alive - still feel.. What would you add?
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Donna Summer Last Dance?
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arguably, 100 Years Ago by The Rolling Stones, at around the 2:38 mark
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I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor.
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Doobie Brothers What a Fool Believes around 1:10, when the claps join the party.
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Donna Summer MacArthur Park
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Not very gradual, but Walter Murphy and the Big Apple Band's "A Fifth of Beethoven."
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Taana Gardner - When You Touch Me
Murray Head - One Night in Bangkok
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The 80’s Runway Model, by The Jimmy Swift Band
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I could argue both for and against this fitting your brief: Man It's So Loud In Here.
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I cannot vouch for it, but my 11-y.o. suggests Boney M.'s "Rasputin."
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This may be too talky but Moroder by Daft Punk features a short monologue by Giorgio Moroder, "The Father of Disco," about his invention of the click track and becomes a full-on excellent Daft Punk disco track.
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Perhaps Talking Head's Crosseyed and Painless--especially the live version on the album The Name of this Band is Talking Heads. This is a close version, live in Rome 1980
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Portishead The Rip
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Love Hangover - Diana Ross
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Wild card: so there's this Concerto for Two Orchestras that's attributed to Sofia Gubaidulina, which turns into -- well, not really disco, but something way more disco than you'd expect (either from the opening chimes or from the composer's other work). I didn't quite believe it was real when I first stumbled on it, but there's a score (not that I can read it) and it's being performed by the Berkeley Symphony in 3 days, so I'm guessing it's legit.
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Maybe “The Sensual Woman” by The Herbaliser.
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Also “Oh, I love it(Love Break)“ by the Salsoul Orchestra
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Station to Station (song) by David Bowie
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Thelma Houston's "Don't Leave me this way" - starts with just vocals.
Odyssey's "Going back to my Roots" - particularly in this long version.
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Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand starts as mid-aughts indie rock, then grinds to a halt and fires back up with a disco beat at around 0:43 in.
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Santa Esmeralda, "Don't Let Me Be Understood"

They also did "House of the Rising Sun," which is another Nina Simone/Animals cover (although one with traditional folk connections.)
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Thelma Houston – Don't Leave Me This Way takes about a minute to go full disco
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Nthing Diana Ross' Love Hangover. As a 1975 cut, it may be ur-example of this genre, taking minutes to move from a syrupy slow ballad to a torrid disco stomp.
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The disco Theme from Exodus. The worse ever. Get yourself a barf bag, and enjoy!
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Kung Fu Fighting. Racist nostalgia.
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Serafina Steer, Disco Compilation.
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A couple more - both from Georgio Moroder:
No More Tears (Enough is Enough): Donna Summer and Barbara Striesand. This one has almost 2 minutes of vocal lead in before it goes disco.
Donna Summer: Love to Love You Baby . You could start this either right at the beginning - or at a few points later on - such as the point where everything apart from the bass drops out - about 4 mins in.
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