Dreamy psychedelic rock, 1966 to present
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I'm looking for a specific kind of psychedelic rock song, or its children or grandchildren from subsequent generations.

I don't know if I'll explain this very well, but the kind of psychedelic song I want is dreamy, maybe minor key, and doesn't get into a driving beat.
No militaristic-stylized drumming
No stanza that intensifies into screaming
Also: No Beatles
Yes: Mr. Fantasy by Traffic
No: White Rabbit
I'm also interested to hear songs from decades after the 60 or 70s. In this case it's yes to a kind of dreamy psychedelic-ish shoe gaze and no to hard punk sounds.
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From '82, Nick Nicely's Hilly Fields might be a bit noisy but it is dreamy psychedelia with a neat turntablist twist.
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Spill The Wine?
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Smooth dreamy psychedelic synth rock that draws heavily from older material: Black Moth Super Rainbow, Dreamsicle Bomb, 2012.
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Life in a Northern Town or most other stuff by Dream Academy.
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for 21st century stuff try Conspiracy of Owls

but I mean there's so much that fits this description ... Pink Floyd?
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What's your idea of psychedelic? Does God Only Knows fit the bill? Perfect Day?
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For more modern, maybe Portishead? Mysteron
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Thanks so much so far! Just to narrow it:
Pink Floyd isn't quite it -- too heavy handed for this. (Will say I saw them 4 times in concert back in the day, not that I didn't like PF, just not what I'm trying inarticulately to describe for this question.) Neither are the Beach Boys quite right here.
I haven't listened yet to most of this yet, though i'm excited to do so, but the one linked above by Saltysaltsid is PERFECT for this question.
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There's a whole genre called space rock that might fit the bill.

How about some Gong? Warning, none more psychedelic.

Maybe Hawkwind?

For a much more gentle psychedelic sound you might try Mojave 3.
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Love - Forever Changes is a classic.
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The Brothers Johnson - Strawberry Letter 23
Related, the entire Shuggie Otis album Inspiration Information
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Oh, man. <3 Shuggie. The title track Inspiration Information is certainly dreamy.
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And maybe Stereolab
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How about Wooden Ships by Crosby, Stills and Nash?
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Feel Flows by the Beach Boys?
XTC's "Summer's Cauldron/Grass"?
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And of course, Eno's Another Green World. A few tracks veer towards an edgy sound but it's pretty damned dreamy throughout. Especially "Golden Hours".
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You might like The Essex Green, or maybe Wooden Shjips
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the ladybug transistor nailed this stuff in the 90s, six times for example
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I think you'd love Espers
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Old Brown Dog by John Koerner & Willy Murphy
Alone Again - Love

Psychedelic Sewing Room by Bongwater
Everybody's Talking by Bongwater
Free Love Messes Up My Life by Bongwater
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H.P. Lovecraft - The White Ship (although the drum might be a bit military, it's not driving).
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Vinyl Williams is the answer to your prayers. Here are three tracks from his new album, but he has many other gorgeous masterpieces to explore.

Sanctuary Spells
Florian Veridiction
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Aegian Sea - Aphrodite's Child
Planet Caravan - Black Sabbath
Where There's Woman - Captain Beefheart
Me About You - Gandalf
I Talk to the Wind - King Crimson
Candle of Life - Moody Blues

For modern stuff I wonder if No More Runnin by Animal Collective wouldn't scratch that itch...
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"Space to Bakersfield," by Black Mountain might be too far along the Pink Floyd spectrum, but you might give it a shot.

Also: Robert Wyatt?
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Nick Drake, Hazey Jane II or Pink Moon
Robyn Hitchcock, I Often Dream of Trains
Donovan, Epistle to Dippy (too strong a beat? if so, maybe Oh Gosh)
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What about Sweetwater - In a Rainbow?

(Also totally agree with Ladybug Transistor and The Essex Green recs above!)
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Some contemporary artists:
Cate Le Bon is a master of the dreamy off-kilter
Brian Jonestown Massacre has worked in this mode for decades
The label Trouble in Mind specializes in this. I particularly like the records they put out by Liminanas and Pridjevi.
He's 99% instrumental, but the artist Steven R. Smith works in this mode under a number of identities, with the long suites of Ulaan Passerine being particularly transporting.
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Loudhailer Electric Company from Hull.

They also do some amazing harpsichord - from The Auricula Suite - they are involved in horticultural 'auricula theatres' Primula preservation.
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Moody Blues, Tuesday Afternoon
Jefferson Airplane, Today, She Drives Funny Cars, Bear Melt
Joni Mitchell, Woodstock, Ladies of the Canyon
Steve Winwood, Low Spark of High Heeled Boys, Rainmaker
Greatful Dead, Ripple, China Cat Sunflower
The Doors, The Crystal Ship, LA Woman
The Mamas and the Papas, California Dreamin'
It's A Beautiful Day, White Bird
The Byrds, The Bells of Rymny, Eight Miles High
Quicksilver Messenger Service, Fresh Air, Who Do You Love, Mona
Jethro Tull, Velvet Green
Buffalo Springfield, Bluebird, On the Way Home
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With the caveat that some of the tracks on these albums may have more of an edge than you're looking for:

Temples - Sun Structures (Move With the Seasons, Fragment's Light)

Sparklehorse - It's a Wonderful Life (Sea of Teeth)

Beck's Morning Phase (the whole album is pretty mellow.) Also, Sea Change, although that one is a bit of a downer. (Written after a significant break-up, and the sadness really comes through)

Masters of Reality: Jody Sings
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Tame Impala: Nothing That Has Happened So Far Has Been Anything We Could Control

My Bloody Valentine is quintessential shoegaze, but might not fit the bill otherwise.
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The band Spirit was like this, I always liked the song "Natures Way." Someone suggested Moody Blues, and they are what you are looking for.
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Pink Floyd: The Piper at the Gates of Dawn
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I wouldn't call "Mr. Fantasy" Psych Rock so much as Psych Blues, but this also gets you away from your Beatles boundary for the most part. Not sure I'll be able to avoid it, but...

Belles Will Ring - The Green (and their repertoire in general)
Cosmic Jokers have at least a couple songs
Dantalion's Chariot - Sun Came Bursting Through My Cloud
Emmit Rhodes - Saturday Night maybe
Moving Sidewalks - No Good to Cry
Rolling Stones - Citadel
The Tremeloes - Hard Time
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Heartily recommend the Boo Radleys - Everything's Alright Forever
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Dreamy – definitely
Psychedelic rock – not so sure
Anyway, I'd recommend The Cocteau Twins: Treasure
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Curtis Roush - Space is Empty (Come with Me)

And probably most of the songs on his Cosmic Campfire Music album.
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How about some Brian Jonestown Massacre?—e.g. Pish.

Other possibilities:
Dead Meadow: Stacy’s Song.
Chicos de Nazca, Floating with Boards.
Elephant Stone, A Silent Moment.
Rivulets, Ride on, Molina.
On the gazier side:
The Stargazer Lilies, Del Ray Mar.
The Kundalini Genie, Asteroid Blues.
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How about some Kenny Rogers with Coen Brothers visuals
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I think you might enjoy some late 70s solo work of Steve Hillage, especially the album 'Green'. Cosmic space jammin' with understated vocals.


The Strawbs; Autumn, Tears
Uriah Heep; Tales
Moody Blues; Have You Heard?

Various old psychedelic-ish English folk:
Incredible String Band
Fairport Convention
Tyrannosaurus Rex

American artists with similar-ish styles:
Sandy Bull
Tim Buckley
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Boards of Canada, for mellow trippy instrumental jams.
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Thanks everyone, this is so great. I've got my playlist. Each answer here has at least one track I'll use so I've just marked everyone best.
And yes, I was also thinking of Brian Jonestown Massacre when I wrote the question, but there was a lot here I didn't know before.
Much appreciate this ...!
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Rolling Stones-----Time Waits For No One
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Turning tide by super furry animals!

That whole album (guerrilla) is so trippy!
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Amazed that nobody has mentioned Flaming Lips, Kurt Vile, Pavement / Steve Malkmus yet. And Mazzy Star...
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Share that playlist!!
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