Resources to improve graphic design handling of complex events
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I work for a small local organization and we put together events that combine a lot of different elements: information about the event, logos from partner organizations... plus maybe a book cover, a film poster, the panelists' photos, etc. Putting all of these elements together into a readable flyer or event page that also includes my org's "branding" has been difficult. The graphic design books I've read seem to deal with more pure graphical situations, not this combo of elements and colors. Have you seen books or articles that address these factors?
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Graphic designer here...I’ve not come across any book or resource that deals with this sort of issue. That said, I do materials with just such issues a few times a year. In my experience, how the various logos and whatnot are arranged is determined more by internal politics than anything else. Usually, they all end-up as a mass of logos segregated by their financial importance to the organization involved. I agree, it can be a daunting task, especially if you’re working withing an organization’s branding elements, too.

Honestly, at the end of the day, I’ve found the best solution to this sort of thing really is just running them in a tastefully-arranged mass at the bottom of the poster/flyer/invitation/program/etc. Think of them as a graphical version of the legal disclaimer that often runs at the bottom of documents. Necessary, but not worth trying to make them a unique design element.

I’d be happy to share examples of what I’ve come up with, if you’d like.
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Another designer here.
You might try to create a layout template (or two) for the usual amount(s) of content that you've come to expect from these events. That way you can agonize over it once with placeholder content... and later duplicate and swap in real content, and fine tune.
If you'd be willing to share examples of past designs, I'd be happy to take a quick look and suggest some more specific strategies for dealing with things like the color clashing that you mentioned. (My email address is in my profile.)
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