Using bedrest for the best (face, hair, stress...)
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I will be on bedrest for a while. What kinds of things can I do to my face, hair, stress, etc. that make use of sitting and sleeping a lot, and of not needing to go out in public/it is okay to do things that are good for me but look ridiculous?

I've read the Asks about avoiding boredom, so this question is instead about things that use this upcoming unusual downtime, so that I later feel and look better and/or get to try things that I can't try given normal work week activities.

I'm thinking along the lines of home facial peels that work well but give you a couple days of red peeling face, lots of leave-in conditioner, using a mindfulness training app a couple times throughout the day.

I'm a woman, and not on bedrest yet (i.e. have time to drive to the store or order a thing).
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I think the classic in this category is Obagi. It's notorious for horrible redness and peeling, but with amazing results if you can stick it out.
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You can try the nightmare that is Korean Baby foot peels.
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If you’re interested in retin-a, it was definitely a gets-worse-before-it-gets-better thing that yielded real results for me. My skin was bad and now it’s good, but I had to go through a few weeks of unconcealable peeling for a few weeks to get there.

Just for fun, I’d do a bold (possibly temporary) hair color, like a smoky mauve stripe or something.

Absolutely do a baby foot treatment, you’ll peel for a bit then your feet will be sandal-ready.

This may not be what you’re looking for, but if you ever wanted to pursue mental health drugs but worried about side effects, this could be an ideal time to ease into them?
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Ask your health care team if you’re allowed to do core/glute strengthening exercises from your bed, and if so, work with a PT on your routine.

Also, Korean sheet masks are fun. Lots of cheap ones on Amazon.
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Invest in some satin pillowcases. They run about $10US and it will really help with the bedhead.
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Letting hair grow out for waxing/sugaring
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Going no poo/no shampoo/letting your natural hair oils do their thing
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heck of a lot of experimenting with nail varnish
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I'm not sure how involved your bed rest will be, but in my experience DIY chemical peels involve a lot of running to the bathroom to rinse/neutralise. I think this would be an ideal time to experiment with facial massage. You could try grabbing yourself a gua sha board - you can get them inexpensively from Amazon. I've found gua sha to be absolutely heavenly on my tight jaw muscles, and it can be pretty time consuming if you want to go deep!
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If the bed rest is for pregnancy, the baby foot peel things say not to use them. If it’s not for pregnancy, 3rd-ing the baby foot peel. It’s super gross but oddly satisfying.
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Cuticle cream and daily keratin treatment for your nails. Some hair masks are left in for a couple of days for a good protein infusion.
If you can't get up much, maybe miscelar water would help your facial skin feel refreshed when you wake up from a nap. Heavy moisturizer and socks will be great for your feet.
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If I had bed rest coming I would get my bunions fixed.
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I WOULD NOT do any type of 3/5 day skin peel. Only like maybe a fruit peel or something. When your skin is regenerating it needs all your “energy” is- you should be healthy and in physical balance. If you’re on bed rest for any reason I think it’s not a good idea.
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Just not wearing make up would be beneficial as well.
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