Simple, free, 2D floor plan program for desktop
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Long version: I'm looking for a free floor plan program that I can use on my PC desktop (not my phone). Something really simple and basic -- I want to quickly do up a sample floor plan and be able to easily change it around. Don't need 3D views or furnishing mock-ups; 2D will be fine. I'm most interested in being able to control the foundation size and the room dimensions.
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Sketchup has a free version that I am considering downloading myself.
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I use
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ikea web site
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If it's already on your PC, I have used Microsoft Publisher for this exact purpose. I set the dimensions to pi and use 1pi per inch as scale. Even has some architectural symbols. Nothing fancy but it does the trick & very simple to get the hang of.
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You don't need to use the 3D part if you don't want to.
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Second SH3D - it's fricken awesome.

Basic stuff is super easy. The capacity for commercial-level stuff is still there, but optional.
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