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What’s the easiest way for two people with our mishmash of hardware to play multiplayer Stardew Valley?

I want to play “co-op” with my boyfriend. We have the following equipment:

A MacBook (on which I’ve played in the past)
A Nintendo Switch
No TV!! Just a projector, which we connect to a laptop when we want to watch something
A Chromebook (...)

I’m guessing the Chromebook is useless. From what I can tell it’s not possible for a person on a Switch to play multiplayer with someone on a laptop, but I don’t know. If we can’t currently play multiplayer, what would be the cheapest option to get there? Another Switch? We’ve never used the Switch with our projector, do we need two televisions? Would it be somehow easier to just get another laptop and play on two laptops?
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I'm inclined to say a second laptop is probably the simplest option (assuming that it's something you want anyway), since it was really hard to find anything about connecting a Switch to a projector!
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Stardew does not have cross-platform multiplayer at this time. You will need a second switch or a second computer - linux, macOS, and windows can all play together.

A Switch is around $300, and can play Switch games. A computer-that-can-Stardew could be cheaper, or free, if you can update or fix an old machine lying around, or buy used. A new laptop will cost more, but it will do many things that Switches cannot.

Coop Stardew we didn't use the TV, because it's kind of meant for each of us to watch a separate screen (there's no split-screen mode).
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Bowtiesspouse (who really needs to get a MeFi account, c'mon) and I have been playing a LOT of co-op Stardew...like...over 200 hours, so he was very excited to find an answer to this! It looks like you don't need to buy anything, you can run Stardew on your Chromebook using these directions. Have fun! Co-op Stardew is the best Stardew, because you can specialize tasks. You can also fall down a deep, deep rabbit hole of Stardew mods (we now have farm buildings that look like a little Japanese village, and chickens that look like parrots). I hope this works!
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