It’s Annus Domini 2019 and It Is Time
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What is the best (easiest to use, most private, reliable) free web mail today? I would like to open an email account for throwaway purposes, such as newsletter sign-ups and so on. I do not like the fact that Gmail asks for my phone number. Thank you!
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I have a bunch of throwaway accounts for all kinds of things, and Gmail does not require a phone number to start an account.
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Yeah, from what I can tell, Gmail only wants your phone number if you want 2-factor authentication. You're not stopped from signing up without a phone number.
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gmx is reliable and Germany-based.
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*Gmail won't let me open a new throw away account without a different phone number than the one I used to open my main account.

You should learn about gmail filters. You can have an account and then also and then sign up to newsletters with guy.2nd@gmail and then set a filter in your gmail to send them all to a folder.
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I love Protonmail. Security, privacy, and servers in Switzerland. Awesome!
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