Good YouTube filter for tweens/teens?
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The YouTube algorithm is horrible. My (gentle) teen once watched a video about an animal rescue and now they're constantly getting recommendations for videos of animals trapped/dying/in pain (before usually being rescued) Is there a trusted browser extension (or other method) where a parent can improve the YT experience for kids?

I realize "improve" is a vague term. I guess I mean: More aggressively remove inappropriate videos (or as a last resort remove recommended videos entirely) and/or blacklist/whitelist channels? Any other ideas that would improve the YT watching experience for an easily triggered kid welcome!
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Google claims that you can improve things by modifying your watch and search history, but I haven't tested it in practice. Try removing the animal rescue video and see if things improve.
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Aggressively clicking the X at the right hand end of each row of YT recommendations that contatins anything remotely objectionable & removing tangentially related videos from my watch history seems to have eliminated alt-right bullshit from my YT recommendations, so maybe the same approach will work for this?
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