Nice restaurants in/near Baltimore
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I'm looking for a classyish restaurant to celebrate a 70th birthday in or north of Baltimore. Water view preferable, but not required. Good ambiance a must.

This is a halfway-ish spot for famiily coming from Philly and DC. I expect 10-ish people.

I'd love to have a nice place to host this celebration, either in Baltimore or north along the I-95 corridor up to the Susquehanna River. To keep driving times reasonable, I do not want to stray too far from I-95 (i.e., driving east ok, crossing the bay not ok).

All I've been able to find along the water in this area is crab shacks. I'm looking for a more upscale vibe. It does not need to break the bank, but it can. I'd love a pretty view, but this is not mandatory.

We don't have any dietary restrictions, but I would prefer a seafood or Italian restaurant.
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If people don't mind driving down 83 from 95, and Southern Italian sounds good, I've enjoyed Cosima, which is in an old mill right on the Jones Falls. Their website has some pictures that give an idea of the seating/ambiance.
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Rusty scupper or Ruth's Chris steakhouse are right on the inner harbor.
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I have the perfect place, Bygone, in the Four Seasons Hotel in Harbor East. I think it has everything you are looking for!
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Seconding Rusty Scupper; I had dinner there two years ago. The ambiance and views were great (their website boasts that there’s not a bad seat in the house) and the (sea) food was very upscale and tasty if a little traditional.

not sure if this fits your driving requirements but just in case!
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I've never been to Rusty Scupper, but I've gotten the sense over the years that it's one of those more commercial "upscale" establishments that actually isn't very good on the culinary front. Maybe that's unfair. It sounds like their views are fantastic though.

I've come to suggest Rye Street Tavern. It's not in the Inner Harbor area, which is actually great--easy, free parking and not swarmed with tourists! Had a delicious (though pricy) meal there a couple months ago--the menu is high quality seafood and modern American tailored to the Chesapeake Bay region. It's on the Patapsco River, and if you go in warmer months, there are fire pits outside.

The same group also has an Italian restaurant, Rec Pier Chop House, but I've not been. That said, Andrew Carmellini, the chef of the NYC-based restaurant group that owns these two establishments, made his name working in Italian restaurants.

One commenter mentioned Woodberry Kitchen, which is a wonderful restaurant! But I don't know that it would fit your requirements (and can also get quite loud).

Whatever you choose, have a lovely celebration!
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Rec Pier Chop House in Fells Point is exactly what I thought of when I read this question. It's right on the water and absolutely a special occasion type place - I went there for my grad school graduation dinner.
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