Current Poets Writing Rhyming Verse
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I'm looking for current, actively publishing poets who write in rhyming verse. Also, the poems should be good. Thank you.
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Marilyn Hacker comes to mind. She writes primarily
in form, and has a lot of rhyming sonnets, like
this one . Her book “Love, Death,
and the Changing of the Seasons” is a collection of related sonnets about love and heartbreak and it is wonderful.
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Absolutely second Marilyn Hacker. Also James Fenton, whose poems have sometimes been used as song lyrics, very readable and simple (but with depth) and forceful.
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Seconding both the above, plus Wendy Cope.
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Dana Gioia.
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Gail White works in form and has a number of rhyming poems.
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Julie Kane writes frequently in rhyme
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Molly Peacock is also known for her strong rhyme schemes but I can’t find a great example in a few minutes of googling.
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I was going to come and recommend hacker
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Vikram Seth
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Roz Kaveney!
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I'd suggest Joshua Mehigan. Here's a good example, and a link to more:
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Seconding Wendy Cope, and adding Liz Lochhead - much of her stuff doesn't rhyme, but you might like the stuff that does, like Epithalamium and A Night In.

Oh! and thumbing through my shelf of anthologies:

Mary Jo Salter, Video Blues
Dana Gioia, Alley Cat Love Song

Great question. I love poetry that rhymes.
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Two more:

Laurel Blossom, Fight
R. S. Gwynn, Shakespearean Sonnet
Timothy Steele, Long Paces (Wikipedia says "Timothy Steele (born January 22, 1948) is an American poet, who generally writes in meter and rhyme.")

Also, Kay Ryan uses rhyme in surprising and wonderful ways - not always at the ends of lines, but in delightful internal and suggested ways.

All You Did
The Best of It
And this Coldfront profile of Kay Ryan includes "Turtle" and "New Rooms."
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