Cheapest source for bulk artificial flowers online or in Chicago?
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I'm hoping to purchase enough artificial flowers to cover a surface of about 4 square feet. I can go to a physical location in Chicago and surrounding areas or purchase online. Lowest possible cost is my primary consideration (not quality). Any suggestions for where to go?
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Both Michaels and Joann have apps that give very good coupons (40% off one item, 50% off a category, sometimes even things like 20% off your total, including sale/clearance). 4 square feet is not very much -- you might be able to find flowers on sale or clearance, then use coupons to knock the price down even further. Both also have buy online, pick up in store.
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Dollar Tree carries artificial flowers. Their online store ships and does in-store pickup, too. Also Walmart & Oriental Trading Company. Not sure about cost comparison for those; I've pretty much only ever bought dollar store flowers to tear apart for craft projects.
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Check out 'wholesale fake flowers' on Amazon. I saw 100pc of pink daisies for $6.95, and lots more deals like that.

Or look on eBay for 'wholesale lots fake flowers'.
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What's your timeframe? AliExpress has fake flowers even cheaper than Amazon, but delivery can take up to two months.
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