dinner tonight in Long Beach CA with vegetarian - suggestions?
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I'm meeting up with my vegetarian niece tonight. We're going to the Long Beach Museum of Art and the Museum of Latin American Art. She's a vegetarian. Where are some moderately priced restaurants nearby where we can have dinner? Thanks!

What it says sbove. She says she the museum cafe is too expensive. Open to all cuisines.

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I really like George's Greek Cafe at 135 Pine Ave., which has a number of vegan and vegetarian options. You may want to call ahead for a reservation (not required, but they can get busy). (Unfortunately, it will be too late to eat at Delightful Crepes Cafe, which isn't open for dinner most of the week, but a good future idea.)
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If you're ending at MOLAA: I was a frequent visitor of Sura Korean BBQ and Tofu, which is vegetarian friendly. Ahisma Vegan Cafe is also one I've been to before on recommendation from a friend, and was very good.

If you're ending at LBMA: Open Sesame is good. George's also has a location nearby on 2nd Street, but is smaller.
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Seabirds Kitchen on 4th is pretty good! But my personal favorite is Steamed downtown on 3rd.
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Ahimsa! Charming, delicious. (And I just really like the room -- over the past 30 years it's been a few different restaurants, and I've loved all of them.)
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Thank you all!

We ended up going to Open Sesame, which was very good. The other suggestions sound good, too, and definitely worth checking out when I'm next down there.

My neice gives the MeFi community an enthusiastic two thums up. Isn't it amazing that I could post an AskMe at 3pm and get a number of very useful responses by 6 pm?
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