Best Marketplaces to sell specific items?
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I'm looking to compile a list of all the best marketplaces to sell highly specific items.

I usually use Reverb to sell musical gear and KEH for camera stuff but was wondering what other marketplaces exist to sell specific items. I want to avoid using eBay, Etsy, Amazon, Craigslist which I find to be a bit too general and not very good for giving me the best resale value.

Example; Is there a marketplace whose sole purpose is to buy and sell furniture or sporting goods?

Also, I think I know all the places to sell clothes like Poshmark so I'm good with that.
posted by cazoo to Shopping (7 answers total) 17 users marked this as a favorite seems good for phones and to some extent, tablets
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- DPReview for cameras and lenses.
- Bulb Collector for old light bulbs and sometimes tubes.

For me most furniture is through local Facebook groups or apps that geolocate (can't remember the one I used to use) because it's free and a lot of that stuff doesn't ship. I'd be interested to see what the options are for cars.
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Apartment Therapy marketplace for furniture, perhaps...
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Discogs for vinyl records and cds.
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I’ve bought used cars from owners (not dealers) through, but it’s been several years since the last car I bought is going the distance. No idea how it is for sellers.
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Chairish is good for high-quality furniture (Etsy is also good for vintage furniture).
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I have bought used furniture from 1stdibs, more than once. It's been pleasant as a buyer.
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