Privacy covering for a chain link fence?
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Looking to cover 80-100' of 5' chain link fence with a privacy barrier of some sort to avoid dogs barking.

I had a chain link fence installed when we got our house. It's great, but there are 3 dogs across the alley and my beautiful, dumb dog cannot help himself from getting them riled up every time he goes out to pee. Running back and forth and relishing in their attention. They are silent outside of him doing this, so I'm thinking covering up the line of site between them might fix the issue.

It's an alley nobody ever really goes in, so I'm not super concerned about aesthetics. I'd like to find something relatively cheap and low maintenance that can take Seattle's incessant rain without falling apart.
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I don't know how much patience you have, but we did something similar by planting a fast-growing vine. We planted three of them along the fence line, and they grew more quickly than I would have thought. At the beginning I helped new offshoot vines twine through the holes in the fence and then it took off on its own. It works, and it's pretty.
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I'd be wary of getting your heart set that visually obscuring this will solve this. I know some of my running routes go about 5-50 feet from the fenced backyards of houses for a few km, and even fences that are completely visually obscured the trail I'm on reveal the houses that have dogs out at the moment. For the places I'm running on gravel sound might be the issue, but I suspect the scent of the dog I'm running with is the cause of times where the barking starts up when I'm about 50 feet past the house.
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I was going to suggest fence privacy tape, but that may not be enough. You may need a wooden slat fence in front of the chain link. But I would certainly start by trying the tape.
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Yeah, I agree with nobeagle. I'd start with trying something temporary, like a few tarps or drop cloths to see if sound and smell are going to foil your plans before you invest any real money.
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Bamboo rolls.
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Agreeing that you should try a temporary solution first because I have a strong suspicion this will not work as nicely as you might want. I don’t have a fenced backyard, so every time I take the dog out we go to a park across the street. It is bordered by a 6 foot band of trees plus, behind them, solid 8 foot wooden fences- and we are still barked at from across a field from the dogs behind those fences literally every single time we go out, dog or no, silent or not.
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When I walk my dog at night, it’s pretty impressive how far off dogs might be that “ sense” us and give us a hello, so this is +1 on do something temporary first. I have a reactive dog, but less so when leashed. More training for us on the horizon!
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They make privacy slats that just slide into chain link fence. The regular hard style (basically strips of vinyl) leave significant gaps. However their is also an artificial hedge style and the ones I've seen can't be seen through (I'll note though that the linked sites say only 90-95% privacy).
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Our neighbour has said they're going to try this - Fence Block Privacy Screen to see if it keeps their dogs from barking at our dogs, although reading the other answers here is sapping my hope.
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