Is Captain Marvel appropriate for a 10yo? (snowflakiness inside)
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My 10yo is being invited to a birthday party where they are going to see Captain Marvel. I need to know how much emotional impact is in the movie before I let him go see it.

Things to know:

-he had a close classmate die less than three weeks ago
-he hasn't slept well since (he's had more than one dream where someone comes and murders everyone at his school)
-he's very "big picture" and suffers from existential anxiety, where did we come from, how was the big bang created, etc. fears (he goes and sees a counselor)
-birthday kid is *very* close friend
-my kid has seen all the other Marvel movies

normally, I would let him go see it, but due to these circumstances, I'm hesitant, except for the fact that it's his close friend's birthday. Dad and I are split about whether or not to let him go, but both of us can be persuaded the other way.
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It sounds like your kid wants to go. Can you be extra available to talk and also let the counselor know?
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The violence is the usual POW BANG BIFF of the Marvel movies, and there isn't anything like a mother or a beloved main character dying. There's some teasing of a child, but it isn't too bad. You can tell him ahead of time that the cat will be fine. It's less emotionally fraught than Black Panther or GotG. I think it would be okay, with the caveat that I don't know much about existential anxiety.
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If he has seen all the other Marvel movies, including Infinity Wars, then I think he would probably be fine. This one is mostly positive and uplifting, not nearly as emotional and dramatic as Infinity Wars. There's only one death scene and it's in a flashback involving not a main character, and has a happy ending.
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I don't know whether it's too intense. I found it less intense than Age of Ultron, for instance. But I want to point out a few more things that other posters haven't mentioned that might be difficult for your son.

SPOILERS AHEAD (click details for more):

A mother/mentor figure is killed. All life on earth is threatened in the ordinary superhero fashion. Shape-shifting aliens infiltrate the earth.

Most specifically, there are two instances of a child being threatened with harm or death by a villain, either implicitly or explicitly. First, there is a scene where Monica Rambeau is implicitly threatened by the Skrull who is pretending to be her mother, and second, a scene where family of Skrulls, including a Skrull child, is rounded up by a villain who says something about killing them all.

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You can read a review of the content of the movie here -

They do a great job of reviewing the content of movie without make any judgement.
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I generally like reading the Parent's Guides at IMDB. They typically give you a run down of exactly what happens, down to a frequency table of swear words.
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It should be said that there is a lot of stuff about children being empowered in the face of danger, and unwilling to let threat stop them from moving forward.

And I loved that Captain Marvel doesn't use anything at all like a gun.
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Generally, if your kid wants to go, I think it'd be worse not to let him go, especially since he's seen the other Avengers movies. This one is not super intense.

The most emotionally intense things have to do with the main character not knowing her past. It's worth mentioning that she is reunited with her best friend, who she doesn't remember; the best friend thought she died. But this is mostly plot points, not emotional reckoning.

The intense part comes in realizing that the people you thought were the good guys aren't so good after all, and the bad guys aren't so bad.

But, really, I feel like your kid needs all the distractions and joy he can get right now. The movie is pretty distracting and joyful, and I bet he'll have a fine time.
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I saw it with my daughter yesterday. I think your son will enjoy it, it's not emotionally upsetting and the action is mainly fun. Also it gives him time to hang out with his friends which is probably something he needs right now.
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