Map of NYC neighborhoods?
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Does what I am looking for not exist?

Perhaps I am bad at google.... I would love a map of NYC, showing all five boroughs with each individual neighborhood marked and alternately coloured. I can find this sort of thing for Manhattan and for a few of the individual boroughs but not the city as a whole. Has anyone seen anything like this?
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The City puts one out, right here.

Of course there is also this famous one by Rick Meyerowitz for the New Yorker.
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I did see the one from the city, I was hoping for something a little less.... ugly.
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Basically this but for the entire city.
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Eye of the beholder. The City one looks great to me and includes a street map, so you can see which blocks are included in each neighborhood.
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If you want style over detail, and you are OK with one map per borough, and it is OK if some of the boroughs do not have a multicolored version… then you might like these.
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I think this is kind of ugly, but it's another option.
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I'm surprised this doesn't exist... I thought I had seen it before but I guess it was only for individual neighborhoods. So with a ton of help from my mapping-industry partner I've made one - here it is. I'm a novice so it has occasional overlapping labels (and a few of them are missing - I think those are generally parks / cemeteries). The source data sometimes consolidates a few neighborhoods in to one boundary (e.g. SoHo-TriBeCa-Civic Center-Little Italy) as well, which is annoying. I used QGIS if anyone is curious.

Here is the data source from NYC Open Data.
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Are you looking for an official map or an artistic rendering? To get around, or to look at? You might have trouble finding one official version. To the best of my knowledge, NYC doesn't have official neighborhood boundaries. I think that's because of real estate developers + historical reasons, but an historian or city planner would probably know better than me.

What I can tell you is that neighborhood tabulation areas are not meant to represent actual neighborhood boundaries. They are actually population projections based on Census data, which is why mustardayonnaise noted that the source data consolidates some neighborhoods. Even the city map that beagle found comes with a disclaimer-- the map doesn't represent an exhaustive list of NYC neighborhoods. It looks to me like that map is based on Community Districts, which are more political boundaries than neighborhood boundaries.

I suspect that all the maps you're going to find will give you a sense of neighborhoods, but not an accurate depiction of where one neighborhood starts and another begins. It might also be harder to find an exhaustive list, or a definitive name for each neighborhood. But that doesn't necessarily mean the maps you find aren't useful -- it's just a question of what information (or aesthetic) you want to get from a neighborhood map.
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