Measuring cups shaped like segments of circles
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I know I saw measuring cups out there shaped like fractions of a full circle (instead of just being smaller cups). So a 1/2 cup measure would be a semi-circle and 1/4 would look like a large pizza slice and so on. Did I imagine this? Was it a kickstarter that never happened? My daughter (who likes to bake, but can't quite handle fractions) and I thank you.
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Was it this teaching tool kit?
posted by erst at 9:54 AM on March 14

(note: even though that kickstarter wasn't funded it looks like the designers are still - as of literally last week - going at it, so maybe it would be worth contacting them directly!
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Looks like that kickstarter was it. Thanks, btfreek. No idea why I couldn't find it, but I figured that MetaFilter would provide.
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Have you got access to someone with a 3D printer and the knowhow to use it? These would be pretty simple to print, I'd think.

I looked on Thingiverse and Shapeways but couldn't find anything like the ones you want.
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Interesting idea about the 3D printer. I probably have the skills to whip up a design and then all I need is a printer that handles food safe materials...
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