Measuring cups shaped like segments of circles
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I know I saw measuring cups out there shaped like fractions of a full circle (instead of just being smaller cups). So a 1/2 cup measure would be a semi-circle and 1/4 would look like a large pizza slice and so on. Did I imagine this? Was it a kickstarter that never happened? My daughter (who likes to bake, but can't quite handle fractions) and I thank you.
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Best answer: Was it this (sadly unsuccessful) kickstarter?
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Was it this teaching tool kit?
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(note: even though that kickstarter wasn't funded it looks like the designers are still - as of literally last week - going at it, so maybe it would be worth contacting them directly!
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Response by poster: Looks like that kickstarter was it. Thanks, btfreek. No idea why I couldn't find it, but I figured that MetaFilter would provide.
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Have you got access to someone with a 3D printer and the knowhow to use it? These would be pretty simple to print, I'd think.

I looked on Thingiverse and Shapeways but couldn't find anything like the ones you want.
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Response by poster: Interesting idea about the 3D printer. I probably have the skills to whip up a design and then all I need is a printer that handles food safe materials...
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Visual Measuring Cups are available for pre-order now on our website (shipping by July 15 2019) and will be in select retail outlets this fall. We didn't let that failed Kickstarter stop us! - Pam Daniels, designer at Welcome Industries
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Oh and one other comment about 3D printing things for food. The materials used like PLA are considered safe (especially if you use clear), it's the texture that's problematic since it harbors bacteria. Here's an article about it.
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