Self-care on a sick day
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I am on the tail end of a stomach virus courtesy of the toddler. Spouse has it. I'm also on an antibiotic for an unrelated infection that gives me an awful headache. I took off work today to avoid spreading the stomach bug. How can I make the most of the day?

I am dropping the toddler off at daycare in a while. I hope I can get some sleep and watch some garbage tv. At some point I need to think about infection control cleaning but I'm not there yet. I have been cleaning some common surfaces with a Lysol solution. Mostly I'm just wondering about ways to help myself feel good when I'm wrestling with medication side effects and gastroenteritis.
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Ginger tea and sleeping. Ginger tea helps with nausea and sleeping helps with everything.
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Sleep is great. I have trouble sleeping when sick because my brain gets bored so I try and find a podcast that is not so interesting it will keep me up but not so boring it doesn't occupy the brain and just play it in the background. Ideally I doze off after about 15-20 minutes. Quiet voiceover documentary-type stuff works too. Like BCC documentaries on YouTube about farms (Victorian Farm was great) or the UK's canal system or similar.

Audiobooks generally don't work because I want to know how the story ends.
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I always watch Romy and Michele's High School Reunion when I'm sick. So far I've never died. I believe I have the curative effect of that movie to thank for it.
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Warm bath for a few minutes to relax, then as much sleep as you can get. Crackers, tissues, tea, book, etc. as close to the couch as possible so you don't have to get up.

I'd schedule a house cleaning so I don't have to worry about it.

Cell phone on silent, breakthrough for husband and daycare.
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The determining factor is going to be your energy level. I've been home the past couple of days, but it's been to stay with my toddler; I'm healthy. I got a fair bit done around the house (dishes, laundry, tidying up), cooked some lunches from scratch, and caught up on some reading while my daughter has slept. But I've got a normal energy level. If you can do stuff like that, great. If not, just chill. Rest is usually the best thing you can do anyway. Our culture prioritizes activity, but a good day of rest isn't a waste of time at all.
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Flat 7Up and crackers. Pour a glass of 7Up and stir the bubbles out, sip cautiously and nibble some crackers.
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Peppermint tea is also good for settling a stomach - make sure it's nothing but mint in there, no black or green tea blend. A blend of peppermint with other mints is okay though. You don't even need milk or sugar, just the plain hit of mint.

Other than that - let yourself chill out! You're sick, you need to recover.
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Flat Coke may be better than 7Up - caffeine will perk you up. And chicken soup is classic for a reason, plus the electrolytes will help with the headache as well.
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I'd schedule a house cleaning so I don't have to worry about it.

Nooooo! You don't want to knowingly invite a professional into a space that will make them sick. And most house cleaning services seem to focus on making things look and smell tidy, rather than hardcore sanitizing and infection control.

If this were me, I would enjoy the hell out of some couch time, some garbage TV time, some Gin-Gins and seltzer (burping is nice when I don't feel good, but ymmv), and some miso soup. At some point, I'd get up and mist the bathroom with bleach. Really, if you just throw bleach at it, you'll be good. Don't spend too much time on cleaning otherwise. Ask your spouse to spray/clean after themselves each time they have an episode, and get as much sleep as you can.
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If you can get your hands on some Pedialyte, it helps a lot! I had several jugs delivered once when I had a stomach bug. Increasing electrolytes really helps me feel better. I would also take a couple of ibuprofen and try to sleep as much as possible. And maybe eat a piece of toast! Hope you feel better soon.
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Get up... try to do something... get halfway through and get dizzy/nauseous/ weak.. sit down again... rinse and repeat....

Break chores into sections (if that's not too much mental energy). Make sure you bring something to drink with you, a wet washcloth (hot or cold), and an idea of where to sit/lie down as needed. Bring your cell phone, just in case.

Chicken soup (extra can of chicken broth) and lots of other liquids are my go-tos. And... that's what I'm eating, since I almost passed out at the doctor's office today (oh, wurra! blood tests -- ach!)

On a positive note, spring is less than a week away. I hope these winds blow ALL the mosquitoes away.
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