What's the best way to transfer cellphone numbers in 2019? In Canada?
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I live in Canada. What's the best way to get a new cell phone number while forwarding calls and messages from the old one?

I've lived in the GTA for about four years while keeping my Montréal phone number. (I was nostalgic). For four years this fact has stymied public servants, schoolteachers, and anyone else whose institution prevents them from dialing "long distance" numbers. I had hoped that we would adopt US-style nationwide long-distance calling, but that hasn't happened, and I'm ready to give up and get a number with a GTA-based area code.

It's trivial for me to get a new number from my carrier. The problem is that enough people know my Montréal number that it would be irresponsible to just cut over right away. I'm looking for some way to acquire a GTA number that I'll use going forward, and keep my old Montréal number — or at least set things up so that calls and messages to the Montréal number are redirected to the GTA one. Is there a way to do this without paying for two entirely dedicated phone plans?
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transfer your MTL number to a VOIP plan that forwards to your GTA number?

Note that you'll likely get an unrecognizable 437 number in the GTA now, 'cos both 416 and 647 are full.
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To my knowledge, 416 and 647 are not full. You just have to pull strings to get them. I was told multiple times last year that 416 was full and then found someone to get me 2 of them for a $10 one time charge on top of other fees that I was paying to sign up for the service.

Is there a way to do this without paying for two entirely dedicated phone plans?

I doubt it. The difference is that you would just get the cheapest Montreal plan you can as you won't technically be texting/calling with it.

Though the VOIP thing would work, as scruss suggests, you'd still have to pay for the VOIP, would you not?

If you do end up keeping your Montreal number, make sure you check that the "forwarding" is in fact "re-calling" your Toronto number. I've heard of forwarding systems which forward but the minutes come off both numbers because the first number isn't disconnected when it "forwards" to the second.

If you want to contact my person about 416, memail me and I'll send you his contact info. I'd rather not post it online.
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For the VoIP option, you can look into Fongo. You pay by minutes used. It's about 3 cents per minute for a forwarded call.
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