your fave ssd and hdd docking station/ enclosure based on experience?
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I have a few computer upgrades/projects on the horizon that will entail many steps. For reasons, I would prefer to clone my old hdd onto my new ssd using an external enclosure/dock (something a bit akin to what's described here,).. however.. there are so many of these docking stations on amazon, that I'm having some decision paralysis. So.. I figured maybe someone here might have had a good experience with one of these docks (could be one that holds 2 or 3 drives) and perhaps you might be willing to.. tell me which one?
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I've had one of these for a year or two. I have not used the cloning functionality but I have rescued data from several drives without any issues.
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If you are not a clean and tidy person and think you'll use it from time to time, I would recommend against the ones that you insert the drives into vertically, because if you're like me you'll leave it sitting out without a drive in it and it'll get dust all over the contacts. Or at least learn from my mistake and rebox it promptly between uses.

I now use a single drive enclosure from Orico that is just an external hard drive case minus the drive and keeps the dust off the contacts when it's not in use.
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I noticed that a conventional mechanical hard drive can get rather warm in these docking stations. Something to keep in mind, if they get too hot you may need to rig some cooling.
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If you want to replace the HDD with the cloned SSD, then you probably aren't adverse to cracking the case open.

Most motherboards have mutliple SATA connectors; there's probably one free. Plug it and the power into the SSD. Boot as normal, mount the drive in Windows' Disc Management, then format it.

You don't even have to screw the drive in or anything during this procedure.

Clone your HDD. Shut down, replace the HDD with the SDD and you ought to be golden.
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