Online photo database with searchable keywords?
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I'm the photographer for a show who generates a ton of images and I need the ability to upload both jpg and raw photos to an online/cloudish thing with keywords so that other logged-in individuals/teams from the show and network can all search them by a variety of terms without needing my (the uploader/creator) intervention. What are your favorites?

Flickr/Smugmug and others of that ilk are not candidates, unless I'm missing something.

We use currently use Slack to transfer images and they live in Dropbox at some point, but as far as I know those aren't viable options either, tho I'm open to installing extensions if they're available.

I'm not very concerned about the look of the thing, this is not for the public, purely for internal use. Price does matter, in that it shouldn't be incredibly expensive. Unlimited storage should be an option.
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I should also mention that the ability to recognize both Canon and Sony raw files is optimal.
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I don't have a sepcific suggestion for you, but I do have some links and search terms - you're looking for an "Image Management System" (IMS) or a "Digital Asset Management" (DAM) program. Here's a list of some options, and that might help your googling around. I'm sure there are free/low cost ones in there that have minimalish features but still what you need.
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There's a thing called Filecamp that I've heard people use - I have no experience with it.

There are also things like resourcespace which is a little more DIY but I think they offer hosted versions as well.
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Asset Bank has a cloud solution with a kitchen sink of tools and features for cataloging and photo management plus sharing. It might be too expensive, but you can always give them a shout.
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Is a short lived Adobe Creative Cloud business account a reasonable solution?
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My org uses Photoshelter. I think it will do exactly what you need.
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