San Francisco bike storage?
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Bicycle storage in San Francisco?

I work in Palo Alto and live in San Jose. My regular commute is accomplished via Caltrain + bike. I'd like to ride critical mass tomorrow night in SF.

What I'd like to do is take the train from Palo Alto to SF after work, ride critical mass, and then store my bike somewhere safe while I go out on the town. I'm not enthused about locking my bike outside. Does anyone know of a secure or attended place that I can stash my bike for a few hours in SF tomorrow night, until it's time to catch the last Caltrain home to SJ? I'm hoping to find something like the valet bike storage that the Palo Alto Bikestation used to have, although, I'm sure, that's wishful thinking. Help me metafilter hive-mind!
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How about this: There are bike racks in the BART stations, inside the gates. (I'm not sure every station has them but I know 16th and Mission does, for example. It is still a public place, but the racks are usually in sight of the booth and I would really doubt anyone would try to steal a bike from there. Bring a good lock and lock both wheels, and I think you will be in good shape.

If you go buy a BART card and use it to enter and then exit from the same stop, it costs $4, which kinda sucks. Alternately, you can ask the dude in the booth to let you through just to lock up. They are usually pretty mellow about that kind of thing.
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SF city government's official bike parking page.

Check out particularly the links to bike parking in garages and bike lockers.
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